Flowers by Pat Is Creating Massillon’s Most Unique Arrangements

Flowers by Pat in Massillon, Ohio creates stunning floral arrangements that generate many repeat customers. The key to these creative arrangements is the focal point, and we don’t mean a particular flower. At Flowers by Pat, it is the customer who is at the center of every arrangement.

Whether you need a unique arrangement for a birthday or anniversary, condolence or thinking of you, whatever flowers you select will be carefully arranged to send the message that you intend, and to brighten the day of the recipient. They will see from the time and care put into your gift how important they are to you. This is what Flowers by Pat in Massillon excels at—putting people first. Continue reading

Quaker Steak & Lube Canton Is Your #1 St. Patrick’s Day Destination

Quaker Steak & Lube in Canton, Ohio is the place to be this St. Patrick’s Day! From 7:00 am until the doors close, Quaker Steak & Lube Canton has everything you need for your March 17th St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

Saturday, March 17, 2012 will dawn early at Quaker Steak & Lube, which is located on Dressler Rd. in North Canton. Saturday hours usually begin at 11:00am, but St. Patrick’s Day is a rare exception. Canton’s Quaker Steak & Lube is opening early, 7:00am, so you kick the day off right with Kegs & Egss! Continue reading

Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant: A Still Fresh Canton Classic

Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant is a well-known Canton, Ohio institution that has found ways to stay fresh while maintaining the classic tastes we’ve come to know so well. You will not find many Canton natives who have not visited this welcoming sit-down restaurant, and sampled its cuisine at least once.

Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant is owned and operated by the DiPietro family. This is the same family who brought their signature pizzas to Canton over 55 years ago when they opened Pizza Oven. With all Pizza Oven locations being delivery or carry-out, the need for a sit-down restaurant—and a broader menu—arose. Thus, Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant was created.

One thing that sets this restaurant apart from the many others that are located in the busy Westfield/Belden Village shopping district is that it remains a family-owned business. You can see the personal touches in everything from the décor to the service to the food. The atmosphere is homey, the staff is familiar and friendly, and the food is fresh and homemade. Continue reading

Gionino’s Orrville Is Staying in Touch through Social Media

Did you know that approximately 62 percent of all pizzas have some kind of meat on them? If you are following Gionino’s Orrville on Twitter (@GioninosO), “Like” their Facebook page, then you saw that fun fact posted less than 48 hours ago. Social media is not a thing of the future—social media and social marketing are very much present, and Gionino’s Orville is embracing them!

Gionino’s Pizzeria’s website tells us that “not everybody can do it right.” This is true both in pizza as well as social media. So, the question is, what do you want to see on the Gionino’s Orrville Facebook or Google+ pages and Twitter feed? Your ability to answer that question is part of what makes social media such a useful tool for businesses and consumers. Continue reading

Sleep Solutions in Canton at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine

Dr. John T. Given at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio has a very strong interest in sleep because of how many things affect it. Many diseases and medical issues can be associated with sleep issues. In 2010, Dr. Given became board certified in sleep, and is well-equipped to help you find your sleep solutions.

Why are sleep and sleep solutions so important? Sleep is the time of the day during which the body regenerates, recharges and heals. This is the only time that the body does these things. So, if you are not sleeping soundly, with quality and ease, the body cannot regenerate. Sleep medicine, as performed by Dr. Given, is necessary to address these issues. Continue reading

Pizza Oven Lets You Gift Stark County’s Best Pizza to Anyone!

Pizza Oven has been a family owned business since 1956. Founded by Joe DiPietro, and now run by his sons, this much-loved establishment has grown over the years from a single carry-out in Canton, Ohio to eight pizza carry-out and delivery locations throughout Stark County. This impressive growth has been a gift to the community, making Pizza Oven’s outstanding menu items readily available to many more customers. However, the delivery area has expanded even further, gifting Pizza Oven pizza to innumerable people.

The expansion is not about serving additional areas in and around Canton and Stark County; it’s bigger than that.

It has not stemmed from the opening new locations throughout Ohio; it’s even bigger than that.

Imagine being able to get an amazing Pizza Oven pizza with all of your favorite toppings anywhere in the United States. It’s that big. Continue reading

Pampered Nails Boutique’s Shellac Manicures Popular in Massillon/Canton Area

Pampered Nails Boutique was one of the first local salons to begin offering the incredibly popular Shellac manicures. They quickly began adding to their clientele as customers in Canton and throughout Stark County learned that the Massillon salon was their destination for Shellac.

Shellac manicures and pedicures are so in demand that customers have no problems with traveling to Pampered Nails Boutique in Massillon, Ohio for the outstanding service and excellent prices. Continue reading

Canal Fulton Provision: Over 40 Years of the Best Meats in the Canton/Akron Area

If you are looking for the best cuts of meat at the best retail and wholesale prices in the Canton and Akron area, you need look no further than Canal Fulton Provision.

Canal Fulton Provision has been providing the best quality cuts at the best prices for more than forty years. Opened in 1969, this is still a family-owned company that caters to local consumers and businesses. Their convenient Canal Fulton location puts them in the perfect position to serve customers in both the Canton and Akron areas who desire the best cuts of meat available at competitive prices. They also offer the best quality wholesale meats to Stark, Summit, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties.

In addition to what you would normally expect to find in the meat case—fresh pork, beef, and poultry—customers can also expect a full deli case when they visit Canal Fulton Provision. They offer assorted luncheon meats and cheeses, all of which can be sliced to order, as well as other sandwich items, such as ham salad. Continue reading

Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping Keeps North Canton Roots While Branching Out with Technology

It isn’t always easy to reconcile technology and nature, but at Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping in North Canton, Ohio, you are just as likely to find a pair of hands toiling away on a keyboard as toiling away in the soil.

Rice’s roots go back over 70 years to a humble lawn and landscape business started by J.D. Rice in 1941. The business took root, and has grown into a 28 acre garden center and a tree farm with over 100 acres!

However, as times have changed, Rice’s Nursery in North Canton, Ohio has had to grow and change in other ways as well. While some businesses find it difficult to transition into the virtual world of online shopping, web media, etc. Rice’s has not only accepted, but embraced the internet.

So, how does a nursery, a business whose primary concern is green and growing things—landscaping, gardening, and more—things which are inherently part of our physical world, incorporate internet technology so seamlessly into their company, thereby creating the perfect marriage of the tangible and intangible realms. Continue reading

Papa Gyros Greek Grill in Canton Offers Catering to Spice up Your Next Event

Papa Gyros Greek Grill in Canton, Ohio may have the solution if you’re tired of the same old fare for Super Bowl Sunday, corporate lunches, and other special events.

Who wants another giant sandwich or pizza when you could have steak souvlaki and mousaka? With only a few hours notice (for some items), Papa Gyros can have your favorite authentic Greek dishes ready for pick-up.

You can also arrange full catering, and have an array of Greek delicacies, including gyros, soups, salads, and desserts at your next engagement. What better way to introduce your Canton friends, family, and co-workers to the excellent choices available from Papa Gyros Greek Grill? Continue reading