Ohio Pools & Spas Has Above Ground Pools for Backyard Family Fun this Summer

A Softside above ground pool in an Ohio Pools & Spas showroom perfect for backyard family funWorried about rising gas prices and the cost of family fun and entertainment this summer? Don’t sweat it; Ohio Pools & Spas has the perfect solution. Family fun will only be a few steps away when you add an above ground pool to your Northeast Ohio backyard!

Ohio Pools & Spas carries two kinds of above ground pools: Traditional and Softside. Both pools are Northeast Ohio proof, and made to withstand the winter elements. One of the biggest advantages of a Softside pool is that you can install it yourself! Also, they are technically stronger than a standard vinyl liner pool. Because of the durable construction, Softside pools are the only rectangular above ground pools made, allowing you to choose a pool that does not take up unnecessary space, better fits your yard, and leaves you room to add attractive landscaping around your pool. Continue reading

Classic Auto Glass: High Quality & Low Prices in Canton, Ohio

Last month you read about incredible March savings from Classic Auto Glass in Canton, Ohio. If you were distracted by March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, or just could not make it in before the end of the month, there’s good news: despite their already low prices, special savings on all of your auto glass needs are still available!

Classic Auto Glass offers phenomenal low prices every day. Their windshield replacement costs are the best in town, and probably lower than you would expect. Right now, you can save even more. Continue reading

Audrey’s Attic in Orrville Lets You Win Big Savings in April’s Daisy Drawing

Audrey’s Attic in Orrville, Ohio has sales and promotions every month, but none are quite so special, or offer such incredible savings, as April’s Daisy Drawing. When you are entered into the Daisy Drawing, you have the chance to win one of three Audrey’s Attic gift certificates good for $100, $50, and $25 respectively. If a hundred dollars in savings at Orrville’s favorite country shop, Audrey’s Attic, sounds good to you, then don’t miss your chance to win!

Daisy the Cat of Audrey's Attic in Orrville, Ohio, and namesake for April's Daisy Drawing to win big savings

April is a beautiful time of year in Ohio, and the Orrville area is no exception. Tulips, daffodils, and yes, even daisies, are lifting their faces to the sun and filling the landscape with color. However, if you’re a regular visitor to Audrey’s Attic, you may already know that the Daisy Drawing for over a hundred dollars in savings is not named for the spring flower. Rather, it is named for Audrey’s Attic’s resident feline, Daisy the cat. Continue reading

Hollinger Tree Service: Local, Reliable Stark County Area Service

TCIA member Hollinger Tree Service serving Stark, Summit, & Carroll CountyHollinger Tree Service, primarily servicing Ohio’s Carroll, Stark, and Summit counties is a locally-owned family business with far more to offer than their name implies. They work day in and day out, all year long, offering residential and commercial services that range from basic tree trimming and shaping to snow removal and salting. Hollinger Tree Service is a reliable, local company that will be here when you need them.

Continue reading

Ohio Pools & Spas Brings Arthritis & Chronic Pain Relief to Your Home

For those who suffer from the aches and pains that accompany symptoms related to arthritis, tendonitis or fibromyalgia, there may be some pain relief found at Ohio Pools & Spas in Northeast Ohio. Hydrotherapy is the use of water—hot or cold, ice or steam—to relieve your body’s pain and discomfort. Hydrotherapy treatment is often recommended by medical professionals for chronic pains, and with an abundance of options of Hot Spring Spas and Finnleo Saunas at Ohio Pools & Spas, pain relief can begin right at home!

Warm water and steam offer multiple benefits to those who suffer from chronic pain. Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Explains Corticosteroid & Other Allergy Treatments

In the previous Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine blog, you learned a little about the difference between treating your Northeast Ohio seasonal allergies with over the counter medications versus allergy shots. Now, it’s time to explore other treatment options, such as corticosteroid therapy, and their pros and cons.

You know from the last blog that use of over the counter antihistamines and decongestants can be beneficial because they begin to work relatively quickly, as opposed to long-term treatment programs like allergy shots. The end goal with allergy shots is to treat the underlying cause of your seasonal allergies, not the symptoms. When administered by professionals like those at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, an allergy shot program can actually lead to several seasons where you will be virtually allergy free. The same cannot be said for other medicines, particularly those that can be purchased over the counter. In fact, long term use of some of these medicines can actually be harmful. For example, extended use of decongestant nasal spray will eventually damage the nasal membranes causing new problems to arise, and making treatment more difficult. Continue reading