A1 Japan Steakhouse Has Affordable Lunch Specials for Your Favorite Japanese Cuisine in Stark County, Ohio

Is your nightly dinner routine becoming a little too, well, routine? Constantly perusing the same take-out menus, considering the same fast food, or picking up the ingredients for the same meals again and again? Even visiting nearby chain restaurants isn’t breaking things up the way it once did if their limited menu leaves you ordering the same thing every time.  It’s time to try something a little different! A1 Japan Steakhouse in Canton, Ohio offers a large selection of exotic dishes that everyone will enjoy. A favorite of Stark County, Ohio natives, A1 Japan is exactly what you need to spice up your dull dining routine. Just a short drive from Massillon, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio, A1 Japan Steakhouse is a convenient option for any meal. Plus, with their great lunch specials and cash off coupons from iShopStark.com, you can get delicious Japanese cuisine at an affordable price! Continue reading

Elite Security Consultants’ Classes Make CCW License Attainable for Canton and Akron, Ohio Area Residents

Have you been researching security service companies in the Stark County, Ohio area? If so, then you’ve probably seen Elite Security Consultants more than a handful of times. Elite Security Consultants has certainly begun to make an impressive name for itself in its home base of Canton, Ohio and the surrounding cities. With its commitment to keeping Northeast Ohio residents safe, Elite Security is a company you can trust for all of your security needs. But did you also know that they offer CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) classes? By contacting Elite Security, you can enroll in one of their training courses to gain the necessary hours to receive your CCW license. And since Elite Security recently joined with iShopStark.com, you can also print off a coupon to receive $10 off the cost of your class! If you’ve been searching for CCW classes around the Akron, Ohio area, find out how Elite Security can help you. Continue reading

Get Your Gionino’s Pizzeria Delectable Specialty Pizzas with Quick & Easy Online Ordering in Orrville, Ohio

Pizza. There’s just nothing else like it!  It’s easily one of the most commonly enjoyed foods by people of all ages across the globe. Why? Well, why not?  There are so many different varieties! You can get it with several types of meat, covered in fresh vegetables, or even topped with fruit! You can practically cover all of the major food groups with a single slice!  There really are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza—especially if you order it from Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville. Gionino’s Pizzeria, the shop with the best tasting pizza in Orrville, Ohio, offers a myriad of options to suit your individual pizza preferences. Their specialty pizzas may vary in flavors and toppings, but they are all equally delicious. No matter what you enjoy on your pizza, Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville will have something for you to enjoy. And with the convenient online ordering system, you can order your hot and fresh pizza without ever leaving your computer!

With a dozen different specialty pizzas on the Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville menu, how in the world will you be able to decide what to order?! Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Is Enrolling for Pediatric Asthma, COPD, & Other Studies in the Stark County, Ohio Area!

Whether you’re fighting the flu or battling a flare up from a chronic condition like asthma or COPD, there are few things that are as discomfiting and sometimes even frightening than struggling to breathe. For children dealing with pediatric asthma, it can be even more unsettling.  The high temperatures and even higher humidity of the past few weeks in Stark County, Ohio and surrounding areas have been challenging for those living with these illnesses. But, there’s good news! Strides are being made through clinical trials and research studies to defeat these conditions, and breakthroughs are on the horizon right here in Northeast Ohio. At Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio, under the guidance of Dr. John T. Given, the hard work of the research staff is paying off. The bad news? Well, it’s not actually “bad,” but these brilliant professionals cannot do everything on their own: they need your help! Continue reading

Local Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli Makes Canton, Ohio Area Estate Planning & Will Drafting More Manageable

It’s never easy to think about what will happen or how things will be handled when you pass. However, pre-planning and putting your affairs in order early is one of the best things that you can do for your loved ones. Estate planning and will drafting are particularly important tasks that everyone should look into. Regardless of your age, location, marital status, or net worth, formal documentation of your final wishes will ensure that those closest to you are taken care of. The good news is that you don’t have to work through the process on your own. Elder Law Attorney Glen F. Buttcavoli has been working with Canton, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio area residents for years, helping them to prepare for the future. By visiting his office in Massillon, Ohio, you can learn about what steps you must take to guarantee the safety of your livelihood. Continue reading

Elite Security Consultants: Providing Community Support & Expert Security Services to Stark County, Ohio

It’s an increasingly electronic world.  We used to know the names of our bank tellers, but now, much of our banking is done online or at an ATM.  Even company employees don’t need to be physically present in order to communicate with one another or their customers. Between email, instant messaging, and social media, there’s a chance that you may never actually meet the people you do business with! Luckily, there are still exceptions, and locally-owned Elite Security Consultants is one of them. A professional security company in the Stark County, Ohio area, Elite Security Consultants is not a business to shy away from customers or other members of the community. Instead, Elite Security Consultants makes every effort to not only provide Canton, Ohio with highly trained security guards and expert security services, but to offer local community support throughout the North Canton, Ohio area as well.

ESC provided and assisted with the kids’ version of an Army obstacle course at the Largest Family Cookout with iShop and Ohio Pools & Spas!

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Classic Auto Glass for Your Door & Rear Windshield Glass Replacement Needs in the Strasburg & Bolivar, Ohio Area

The Bolivar, Ohio area is a perfect spot for scenic summer drive. As you’re driving along the dusty country road, taking in the sights of trees and flowers, you think there’s nothing that could mar this idyllic view. But, then you spy something in the rearview mirror that ruins it entirely. Remember that small chip in your rear windshield? You know, that one you thought was completely harmless? Well, it has started to crack, leaving a large glass flaw right in the middle. What do you do? There’s no way that you can afford to be without your vehicle, and you’re not sure you can rely on someone else to take to follow you to the shop to drop your car off, then take back later to pick it up.  If only there was some way you could have such a problem fixed at home or even at work…. Well, there is! Classic Auto Glass of Canton, Ohio, one of the premiere auto glass repair and replacement shops in the area, offers mobile service and can repair your windshield just about anywhere! Offering a variety of services, including windshield repair, door glass replacement, or a fix for a cracked rear windshield, Classic Auto Glass can fix your Strasburg, Ohio vehicle right at home! Continue reading

Windy Hill Hardwoods Is Your Stark County, Ohio Home for Quality Cabinets & Professionally Designed Kitchens

Is you kitchen beginning to feel a bit dated?  Are you wondering what the original designers could have been thinking?  Frustrated by a lack of storage or counter space?  Close your eyes, and picture your dream kitchen. If, like many in the Canton, Ohio area, and even throughout Stark County, Ohio, you have measured your kitchen and found it wanting, then now is the time to make your dream a reality! And, before you sigh and resign yourself to a kitchen you don’t like because you don’t think you can afford a professionally designed kitchen with beautifully crafted, quality kitchen cabinets, you need to pay a visit to Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio!

Just one of the innumerable options available!


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Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market Invites You to Join Them for Unique Activities and Autumn Events in the Stark & Summit County, Ohio Area

Pop’s Cruise In Car Show is one of the MarketPlace’s most popular autumn special events!

Several times a year, Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market hosts fun, unique activities around the Stark County, Ohio and Summit County, Ohio area. And they’re already planning exciting autumn special events for 2012! If you live around Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio,or will be visiting the area this fall, then be sure to mark your calendar to head out to the MarketPlace in October. You won’t want to miss out on the Hartville MarketPlace Fall Arts & Crafts Festival or Pop’s Cruise-In Car Show!

Taking place on October 6th, 2012 (or October 13th in the event of rain), Continue reading

Up in Smoke BBQ Brings Cooked to Order, Full Service Catering to the Canton, North Canton, & Stark County, Ohio Area

Stark County, Ohio golf enthusiasts are surely basking in the lovely weather we’ve been having lately. With the blue sky, bright sun, and warm temperatures, this is the perfect weather to head out onto the green. Maybe you’ve even been considering hosting a golf outing with friends, family, or coworkers. Sounds like a great idea! But what can you do to make your event a true success? Well, after working up an appetite from playing 18 holes, what could be better than mouthwatering barbeque at the end of the course? That’s right, Up in Smoke BBQ will provide cooked to order catering for your family or corporate golf outing! Why bother with snacking on bland chips during your game when you can have a filling pulled pork sandwich? For quality golf outing catering at an affordable price, check out what Up in Smoke BBQ can offer you for your next Canton, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio golf trip. Continue reading