Ohio Pools & Spas in North Canton, Ohio Offers Finnleo Saunas for Relaxation of Muscles and Mind

Wouldn’t you love to go home after a stressful day of work, let your hair down, and sooth away the stress of everyday life in a refreshing sauna? Sounds like pure bliss, doesn’t it? If you think this scenario only belongs in your dreams, you’re mistaken. In fact, Ohio Pools & Spas offers saunas at each of their locations in Mayfield Heights, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; and North Olmsted, Ohio. When you visit your local Ohio Pools & Spas, you can purchase your very own sauna to soak in every day! Not sure if you want to make such a commitment? You will when you discover all of the fantastic health benefits of a Finnleo Sauna! Not only does this rejuvenating heat booth provide relaxation of your muscles and mind, it also helps to release toxins and increase circulation!

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Firehouse Grille & Pub Is Your Local Eatery for Great Food and Fun in Massillon, Ohio

With a seemingly endless list of responsibilities, sometimes it’s hard to find time just to kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice dinner. But every once in a while, we all need a break! So, why not take an evening off and visit Firehouse Grille & Pub in Massillon, Ohio? Just minutes away from Canton, Ohio, Firehouse is your local eatery for great food and fun. If you need a time out from the stress of everyday life, bring your friends or family members to Firehouse to take advantage of the daily meal specials and the best bargain burger in Stark County, Ohio!

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WhirlyBall’s Indoor Sports Arena Offers a Unique Game for Stark County, Ohio Area Family Fun

It’s fair season!  If you live in Stark County, Ohio, you’re probably gearing up to head over to the fair one day next week for all of the festivities.  While there with your Canton, Ohio family, you will likely find bumper cars, and maybe one of those carnival-type basketball games.  Maybe there will even be a bit of a contest with two hoops side-by-side, and you’ll have to try to make more baskets that your opponent in a set period of time.  What you probably will NOT find is any game that combines aspects of both bumper cars and basketball.  And jai alai.  Or maybe lacrosse.  But there is a place not too far from your Massillon, Ohio home where you can find such a unique game: WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  At this Northeast Ohio indoor sports arena, you’ll find hours of family fun!

Wait, wait, wait!  Before you decide that what you’ve just read are a madman’s ramblings, keep reading.  WhirlyBall is very real, but it’s really something that you need to experience for yourself to fully appreciate.  Tucked into your bumper car-like Whirlybug, you’ll use a scoop similar to a jai alia basket or a short lacrosse stick to catch and launch something like a whiffle ball.  You can pass the ball to another member of your five person team or to shoot it toward your goal: a backboard with a hole in the middle that’s suspended about ten feet off the floor.  And you will accomplish all of this with “one cheek on the seat”—those are the rules.  If this isn’t the most unique game you’ve ever heard of, please leave a comment about your game!

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Hollinger Tree Service for Fall Pruning & Tree Inspections throughout Stark County, Ohio

As Chicken Little once said, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Well, the sky isn’t falling but the leaves certainly are in Stark County, Ohio! It may be hard to believe that fall has (nearly) arrived, and all that hard work you put into your North Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio yard will soon be a faded memory covered by the brilliant colors of fall foliage. Hollinger Tree Service of Louisville, Ohio thinks fall is a great time to stop and really take a look and inspect the trees in your yard. With the falling leaves, trees and branches become visible to the eye, so fall is the best time to take care of any problems before the cold of winter sets in. Your Canton, Ohio area tree inspection and fall tree pruning can be performed efficiently and affordably by Hollinger Tree Services.

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Windy Hill Hardwoods Offers Incredible Backsplash & Countertop Options for Your Akron, Ohio Kitchen Remodeling Project!

There’s a saying at Canal Fulton, Ohio‘s Windy Hill Hardwoods: “the creation of a beautiful kitchen begins with quality cabinets.” No argument on that point.  And if you’ve read the previous blog, you know that Windy Hill Hardwoods has those quality cabinets in a range of colors and styles to suit every taste. So, now that you know where a beautiful kitchen begins, where does it end? There are a number of possible answers to that question—everything from appliances to faucets to lighting to drawer pulls. But, the design elements that truly pull a kitchen together are the countertops and backsplashes. If kitchen remodeling is on your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio to-do list, work with the professional kitchen designers at Windy Hill Hardwoods to create a new kitchen you will love for years to come. Continue reading

Call Elite Security Consultants for Nightclub and Bar Security in Your Cleveland, Ohio Establishment

If you own a lounge or dance club in Cleveland, Ohio or Parma, Ohio, there are certainly a lot of things that you need to keep up on in order to bring customers back each night. A fully-stocked bar, excellent sound system, and well-maintained interior are all at the top of your list, but what about your security? Are you sure that your patrons and staff feel safe in your establishment? If you think that your property could use a little more protection, perhaps it’s time to call Elite Security Consultants. This team of local security experts provides nightclub and bar security throughout the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area. When you enlist the help of a trained protection professional from ESC to watch over your facility and the people inside of it, you can feel confident that you are being assisted by the very best in the industry! Continue reading

Choose Classic Auto Glass for Molding Repair and Replacement on Your Stark County, Ohio Vehicle

While older vehicles may be more likely to suffer from all sorts of cosmetic and technical flaws, the truth is that any automobile can develop a problem if it spends a lot of time on the road. Sure, chips and breaks in the glass are easy to spot, but what about the issues that aren’t as noticeable? Gaps in your window frame often go unchecked until you hear an obvious whistling when you’re on the road. By then, the leak might be large enough to let in rainwater! And really, how often do you look at the molding around your windows and doors? If the rubber has started to crack and peel, it’s not giving your car the insulation it should. But even if discover that your Massillon, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio automobile is suffering from one of these minor issues, it can be easily fixed by Classic Auto Glass. This Canton, Ohio business can provide leak testing and repair, as well as molding repair and replacement on any vehicle in the Stark County, Ohio area! Continue reading

Visit Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio for Great Deals from Your Hometown Pizza Shop!

Deciding on what to order for lunch or dinner is difficult enough when you have a large family or group of friends. But trying to do it on a budget? It’s a nightmare! There may be plenty of drive-thru restaurants in your area, but do you really want to serve greasy food to your loved ones again and again? Didn’t think so. Luckily, there is another way to feed everyone in your home at an affordable price. Interested? Then make a call to Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio. Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville has delectable pizzas made with quality ingredients. And with the deals from this hometown pizza shop, you can purchase a delicious meal for lunch or dinner at a price that won’t empty out your wallet! Right now you can get a large pizza special with two toppings for only $13.95 when you visit Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville on iShopStark.com and print off the coupon! Continue reading

Manda’s Plant Farm Has Fairy House Classes & Accessories, Local Plant Contest in Stark County & Akron, Ohio Area

Everywhere you look folks are gearing up for back to school, but summer fun is still going strong at Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio! A few months ago, a single miniature garden or fairy garden class with a few available accessories attended by crafty ladies from nearby Akron, Ohio, Canton, Ohio, and Massillon, Ohio was so popular that it has now blossomed into a series of classes that include casting your very own fairy house out of concrete! There are also plenty of new fairy garden accessories to add to your creation, as well. So, if you’re looking for one more fun summer activity Stark County, Ohio, reserve your place at the next Fairy House class at Manda’s Plant Farm. You can also sign up to participate in the local plant contest to see who can grow the largest “elephant ear”!

Make your own mini fairy house at one of Manda’s Plant Farm’s upcoming classes!

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Elite Security Consultants Needs Armed Patrol Officers in Canton and Akron, Ohio

Have you been searching for employment with a security services company in the Northeast Ohio area with no success? Then you haven’t been looking in the right place! Elite Security Consultants is currently hiring experienced security professionals around the Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio areas. ESC is looking for individuals with military backgrounds or law enforcement experience to join the team. Would you like to work in a fast-paced environment while helping to ensure the safety of those in the community? Then Elite Security Consultants might just be the perfect place for you! If you’re interested in a position as an armed patrol officer, read on to learn a little bit about what the job entails and what ESC expects of employees. Continue reading