Several factors contribute to your dog’s health. Annual immunization appointments at your local veterinary care center are probably on your mind already. But have you paid attention to your dog’s weight? Pet weight management supports organ health, joint health, and quality of life as pets age. Yet, most pet parents in Creston, Ohio like others in Seville, Ohio disregard bulging bellies, slowed movements, and easy exhaustion. These are signs that a pet may be carrying extra pounds. And the team at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Rittman, Ohio can help you eliminate the excess and achieve healthy weight for dogs.

Much like humans, no two dogs are exactly the same. They may be of the same breed or even from the same litter. But each will differ to some degree. Perhaps in height or bone structure – but definitely in some way. And that means there is no target weight for all while there is an ideal weight for each. A veterinarian can help you determine the healthy weight for your dog. Once you know your goal, you might be surprised to know how easy it can be to attain and maintain.

Getting Started

Your pet weight management efforts should begin with food selection. And you should apply the same scrutiny you use when selecting cereal for your kids or yogurt for yourself. Read labels and get familiar with ingredients. You’ll find that some dog foods contain more meat while others are based on veggies and many are filled with grain. As the pet weight management experts at the veterinary care center in Rittman point out – grain can be a game changer. If allowed to be a significant part of your dog’s diet, it can contribute to notable weight gain.

Keep Going

Exercise is important to your dog’s physical and emotional health. And regular exercise can contribute to healthy weight for dogs. Indoor playtime at your home in Creston and outdoor fun at the park in Seville fit the bill. Yet, both you and your dog could benefit greatly from a simple walk. Walking will burn calories and promote heart health for each of you while putting less stress on the joints than running. Worried about finding the time? Relax! The experts at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge are not suggesting you cross county lines. They recommend two brisk 20-minute walks a day.

Reap Rewards

Making pet weight management a priority will lead to a happier, healthier dog. You’ll also feel better about how you care for your four-legged friend. A celebratory treat could even come into play! But the dedicated pet care providers at your local veterinary care center urge you to give treats the same scrutiny as food. Packaged dog treats can contain enough calories and sugars to derail even the best diet. So instead, reach for something healthy like apples, cantaloupe, carrots, green beans, spinach, sweet potato and other fruits and veggies that dogs can and should eat.

If you’re surprised to know fresh fruits and veggies can support healthy weight for dogs, you and your dog should visit the veterinary care center. There are more pros and cons to pet weight management than we can share here. During your visit, you can get personalized input for your dog and find out its ideal weight. Located just minutes away from Creston, Ohio and Seville, Ohio, All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge is the place to go for exceptional pet care, expert tips, and sound advice. For more information, go to To schedule an appointment, call 330.925.4910.

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