If you’ve ever made the mistake of taking your malfunctioning computer to a big chain, you know what to expect. Outrageous fees, distracted employees, and weeks spent waiting to hear news about your laptop or desktop! But it really doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there are locally-owned computer stores in the Canton, Ohio and Hartville, Ohio areas that can offer affordable technical assistance in a timely manner. Skeptical? Well, don’t be. PCMS Computers provides North Canton, Ohio and Green, Ohio customers with the quality service they deserve. If you’re currently looking for computer help, just visit their Facebook or Twitter pages to cash in on computer repair savings!

Many businesses in the Canton and Hartville areas use some form of social media in order to interact with their customers. And PCMS Computers is no different! This locally-owned computer store offers both a Facebook and Twitter page in order to tell customers about new products and opportunities for savings. Plus, they enjoy receiving feedback from their clients about how they are doing. If you ever have a question or concern, PCMS Computers can provide the same contact through their social media pages as they do in the store. PCMS even encourages customers to visit their pages by offering computer repair savings just for “liking” their Facebook or following them on Twitter!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. On top of their FREE check-ups, PCMS offers additional ways for local patrons to save. As an iShopStark member, PCMS Computers decided to give North Canton and Green area customers the opportunity to get truly affordable technical assistance. When you visit their iShopStark page, you merely have to print out the coupon before following them on Twitter or “liking” their Facebook page. It’s that simple! Once that’s finished, you can take the coupon to your nearest PCMS Computers location to get 5% off of your total purchase. Now that’s a deal.

Chances are you won’t receive the same individual attention or affordable technical assistance at a big chain that you get at this locally-owned computer store. So, the next time your desktop is acting up, your laptop needs replaced, or you just want some additional security software installed, call 330.546.1327 before taking a trip to PCMS Computers. Just don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter before printing off a coupon from iShopStark.com for great computer repair savings! To look at some of the items PCMS has in stock or to see what other services they provide, visit www.PCMSComputers.com.

PCMS Computers
1410 30th St. NE, Canton, Ohio

PCMS Computers
4722 Cleveland Ave., Canton, Ohio

PCMS Computers
43 S. Arch Ave., Alliance, Ohio

PCMS Computers
8464 Cleveland Ave. NE, North Canton, Ohio

PCMS Computers
3582 S. Arlington Rd. Suite A, Green, Ohio

PCMS Computers
111 W. Maple St., Hartville, Ohio

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