A1 Japan Steakhouse Satisfies Your Authentic Sushi Cravings in Canton, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio

Calling all fresh sushi lovers in Canton, Ohio and North Canton, OhioA1 Japan Steakhouse in Canton wants you to taste the flavors of true authentic Japanese sushi without traveling the world!

Let’s start by seting the record straight. As many connoisseurs of sushi are aware, the word “sushi” does not mean raw fish. The essential meaning of sushi translates into vinegar rice that is topped with different varieties of ingredients. This is based upon the preparation of traditional sushi which consisted of rice and fermented fish which was preserved using salt. Many of today’s modern incarnations bear little resemblance to years past, but there are still places to find authentic recipes right here in the North Canton area.

Sushi exists in many forms with the distinctions often being found in the different condiments and fillings being combined in different ways. There are many various types of sushi including Makizushi, Oshizushi, Inarizushi, and Western sushi. Western sushi is the popular choice among diners in The States. The most popular Western sushi is California rolls, a very popular choice at A1 Japan Steakhouse in Canton! California rolls are typically crab meat, avocado, and cucumbers rolled into a sea weed wrap with rice. Many of these rolls are served with different sauces.

Sashimi, in Japan, is considered to be the finest preparation of Japanese cuisine. The main ingredients typically include thinly sliced fish or a variety of seafood like squid, shrimp, or even octopus. Usually, these seafood pieces are dipped into a mixture of wasabi and soy sauce. There are many variations of sashimi including bean curd skin for those who are vegetarians. At A1 Japan Steakhouse, if a customer has a special request, one of their talented sushi chefs will aim to please!

With summer fast approaching, and all the entertaining that goes with it, don’t forget to include fresh sushi on your menu! Surprise your guests by serving sushi at your next picnic or graduation party instead of the same old burger and hot dogs! A1 Japan Steakhouse offers carry out on sushi rolls; just call ahead and they will be ready and waiting for pick up! It’s that easy! A1 Japan Steakhouse can be reached by calling 330-492-8868 or check out their online menu at www.a1japanohio.com.

At A1 Japan Steakhouse, their traditional sushi or Western sushi is great as an appetizer or perfect for a meal! And it’s never too early for sushi! A1 Japan Steakhouse is open at 11:30 for lunch and til 10pm for dinner throughout the week. On weekends they stay open til eleven to accommodate your busy schedule…and seriously, you just never know when the urge for authentic Japanese sushi or cuisine is going to occur! So, if you’re in the North Canton, Ohio area, and feel the sushi urge about to hit…get on over to A1 Japan Steakhouse, 4770 Dressler Road NW in Canton, Ohio immediately!

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