A1 Japan Steakhouse Wants to Host Your Next Rehearsal Dinner, Corporate Event, or Private Party in the Massillon & North Canton, Ohio Area

Brides to be and office party-planners in North Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio, take heed! If you have recently become engaged or have just discovered that you will be planning your office’s next corporate event, A1 Japan Steakhouse in Canton, Ohio needs to be on your to-do list during the planning stages of your event, and the rehearsal dinner leading up to your big day!

It’s the moment you dreamed of since you were a little girl! And the day has finally come! But, do you want your day to be like every other day? No, you want your wedding to be memorable, so why not make your rehearsal dinner a special occasion as well? That’s right, a rehearsal dinner at A1 Japan Steakhouse will not only be entertaining, but accommodating, too! A1 Japan Steakhouse boasts a large, private dining room that will seat up to forty of your closest friends. Not to mention the unique menu!

Now for the food! Because, yes …that is really what it is all about (Okay…it’s actually ALL about you, but you wouldn’t want to look like a Bridezilla, now would you?) A1 Japan Steakhouse has a diverse menu specialized just for your rehearsal dinner! You pick and choose and A1 Japan Steakhouse will serve it up with all the entertainment and excitement that makes A1 Japan Steakhouse, well…different from all the other plain old rehearsal dinner choices! Start from a menu filled with culinary delights. Soup and salads lead the way to sushi rolls artistically presented to your guests followed by your choice of various hibachi style dinners. Now at this point, your mind might be starting to wander from the vision of a fabulous dinner to the dollar signs that are popping in front of your eyes. Relax! A1 Japan Steakhouse not only can create a rehearsal dinner that can cater to your needs, but to your budget as well! A1 Japan Steakhouse will make your dinner so great that you just might want to have your wedding here! (And yes, A1 Japan Steakhouse can host weddings, too!)

Now, if you are unlucky in love and you are wondering what A1 Japan Steakhouse can offer you…let’s turn your luck around! A1 Japan Steakhouse can cater your next big corporate event or private party. Just think how fun your grouchy old boss would be when you host your next Christmas party at A1 Japan Steakhouse! Just add a little sake and the yearly bonus might just be a little bigger this year! And if you’ve had your eye on Marcus in Marketing for the past year, think of what a hero you would be for turning the potluck office party into a real celebration at A1 Japan Steakhouse! (And then you may find that you and Marcus are planning your own rehearsal dinner at A1 Japan Steakhouse in the near future!)

So, for all the brides to be in North Canton, Ohio to those who are unlucky in love in Massillon, Ohio…it’s time to plan a visit to A1 Japan Steakhouse in Thursdays Plaza at 4770 Dressler Road Northwest in Canton, Ohio. If you need help planning your rehearsal dinner or want to get a jump on this year’s big corporate event, visit them online at www.A1JapanOhio.com or give them a call at 330-492-8868. Congratulations on your first step to a fabulous event: A1 Japan Steakhouse!

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