A1 Japan Sushi Bar Is the Hottest Japanese Restaurant with the Most Extensive Menu in Canton, Ohio

If you haven’t been to A1 Japan Sushi Bar in Canton, Ohio, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is difficult to describe the eclectic feel of a restaurant that combines “Japanese traditions with European themes” into the best Japanese food you’ve ever had.  It’s really something that you have to experience for yourself—and that may take a while. Their menu is so expansive that you could easily visit every day for a month, and still have only tasted a small portion of what’s available at this unique Japanese restaurant.

The menu is extensive enough that it requires seventeen different sections. Yes; you read that correctly—seventeen! Once you get into each section, you may find only a few choices or upwards of twenty. Like almost any menu, you will find your appetizers and your soups and salads. However, on this menu, the appetizers include authentic Japanese food; things like edamame, which are steamed soybeans, deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce (called age tofu), as well as dishes with bit of flair, like barbequed squid. And those are just the Kitchen Appetizers: there’s a separate section for the Sushi Bar Appetizers.

Barbequed squid not for you? That’s OK; skip over to the salad menu. There you find something familiar: a garden salad, which is simply a tossed salad with house dressing. Of course, you will also find a seaweed salad, a salad which contains spicy crab and cucumber, and octopus salad. The menu doesn’t specifically list what’s in the octopus salad, but it seems to speak for itself.

Check out the soup menu and you may recognize the names, like Seafood Hot & Sour Soup, but this won’t be like any hot & sour soup you’ve had delivered from your neighborhood take out joint. Everything that is served at A1 Japan Sushi Bar is fresh, and has been prepared by highly skilled chefs who know that food preparation is an art, not a chore.  Their traditional miso soup, a staple Japanese food, is an excellent example.

If you’re looking for a few more familiar dishes, check the dessert menu. At Canton’s finest Japanese restaurant, standard favorites can be found right next to the same sweets with a Japanese twist. For example, ice cream and cheesecake are available to close out your meal, or you can choose tempura cheesecake and fried tempura ice cream!

All of this variety, and you still haven’t seen the incredible list of entrees, the various sushi menus, or the hibachi menus! This is one Japanese restaurant that will definitely require multiple visits if you want to explore all that it has to offer. A1 Japan Sushi Bar is perfect for a quick lunch, a quiet dinner for two, or a family meal. They even feature a kids menu for children under twelve to ensure that everyone can find something they like.

Whether you’re already a Japanese food connoisseur or you’re considering trying it for the first time, A1 Japan Sushi Bar in Canton, Ohio has a dish (or several) with your name on it. It is their pleasure to serve their customers, and you will leave fully satisfied with both the service and your excellent meal. A1 Japan Sushi Bar is conveniently located in the Belden Village area, right in Thursday’s Plaza. To find out more about Canton’s favorite Japanese restaurant, visit their website at www.A1JapanOhio.com or call them at 330.492.8868.

A1 Japan Sushi Bar
4770 Dressler Rd. NW
Canton, Ohio 44718
Phone: 330.492.8868
Fax: 330.492.8869

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