AAMCO Total Car Care of Canton Are Your North Canton & Stark County, Ohio Transmission Repair Experts

Many of us in the Stark County, Ohio have experienced the fickle nature of automobile transmissions firsthand. The high temperatures and humidity of our local summers can prove to be especially harmful to transmissions, and have the potential to cause serious problems for your car. One day, out of the blue, you discover that the burning smell you noticed shortly after leaving your North Canton, Ohio home a few miles back actually belongs to your car! Or maybe you’ve just now realized that those slipping gears aren’t a good thing. The transmission is the most intricate piece of your vehicle (and transmission repair or replacement can be one of the most expensive vehicle care costs), and its inner workings can be difficult to understand. That’s okay. You don’t need to be a transmissions expert to help fix your car—you just need AAMCO of Canton! AAMCO of Canton, Ohio’s auto service specialists are the people to see for transmission repair.

AAMCO Total Car Care of Canton has been in the transmission repair business for over fifty years, and AAMCO in general has branched out to include more than 850 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Quite an impressive feat! The company has helped more than 25 million drivers get back on the road safely and in good time. The Canton location, on Everhard Road near Belden Village and minutes from North Canton, in particular is one of the best auto service businesses in the area. Why, you ask? Because AAMCO Total Car Care of Canton actually wants to solve your transmission problem, whatever it may be. While other businesses may charge you an arm and a leg for a checkup alone, AAMCO of Canton offers customers a multi point inspection at no cost. AAMCO of Canton also notes that many transmission problems can be fixed with a simple repair rather than a full transmission replacement. What a change from the usual auto shop that tries to steal the shirt off your back!

With the temperatures in the Stark County area rising, it might be a good idea to give your transmission a little extra attention. Since car engines are being produced with more aluminum material, you run into overheating issues during the summertime. Combined with a coolant leak, you could have a serious transmission problem! Don’t wait to visit an auto service specialist after it’s too late. If your car is sounding or smelling a little strange, take it to AAMCO Total Car Care of Canton—the experts when it comes to transmission repair.

Want more information on AAMCO Total Car Care of Canton, Ohio and the services they provide? Give the location for North Canton, Ohio and the Stark County, Ohio area a call at 330.493.0311. You can also check out these auto service specialists and the transmission repair and replacement work they do by visiting their website at www.cantonaamco.com.

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