Akers Signs Continues to Serve Businesses in the Greater Salem, Ohio Area in Need of Digital Signage

Akers Signs_LED LogoBy Gemma Chriss

A number of businesses throughout Columbiana, Ohio; Lisbon, Ohio; and beyond are familiar with Akers Signs’ work. This local sign company has been providing commercial clients with sign installation and repair for nearly fifty years, expanding their offerings over time. Since the introduction of digital signage, Akers Signs has gone above and beyond in order to better serve those clients in need of LED signs. In addition to welcoming a new sign technician and expanding their fleet of service trucks, Akers Signs brought on a full-time service manager to oversee the team. These recent changes will undoubtedly prove beneficial to businesses located in the greater Salem, Ohio area that are looking for a way to bring in new customers.

Though Akers Signs offers much more than just LED signs, digital signage has quickly become the most cost-effective advertising solution for commercial establishments. Needless to say, the sign company’s focus has shifted from basic architectural signage to electronic message displays. Businesses throughout the Columbiana and Lisbon areas are virtually guaranteed to find an option that will allow them to expand their client base, regardless of their space or budget constraints. Not only does Akers Signs have a wide range of LED signs available that vary in pitch value and quality, but they also began providing their clients with financing assistance. Businesses are now able to lease a digital display from Akers Signs for a low monthly fee.

Akers Signs_Restaurant LEDAs far as sign installation and repair goes, Akers Signs has also made adjustments to ensure that businesses can get the help they need to garner more attention from passersby. For starters, this sign company added a new representative to the Salem area, making it easier for establishments throughout Columbiana and Lisbon to obtain digital signage. However, this isn’t the only change made to Akers’ staff recently. Bringing on another sign technician gives this sign company the opportunity to serve a greater number of businesses looking for sign design, installation, and repair. Finally, the addition of a full-time service manager has helped to streamline day-to-day operations at Akers Signs, allowing them to address client issues in a quick and efficient manner.

To learn more about this local sign company near Salem, Ohio, visit www.akerssigns.com or www.akersled.com. Akers Signs offers additional information about the architectural and digital signage they have available, as well as how businesses throughout the Lisbon, Ohio and Columbiana, Ohio areas can qualify for financing for an LED sign. Those interested in sign installation and repair can also contact Akers Signs directly at 330.493.0055 to speak to one of their sign technicians.

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