Akers Signs Explains the Benefits of EMCs to Businesses in Youngstown, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Akers Signs_LED LogoSince LED displays were first introduced, sign companies have been praising them as a flexible, affordable, and effective means of advertising for businesses. Electronic message centers (or EMCs) allow businesses to communicate with passersby in a quick and efficient manner, sending out information far beyond what traditional displays are capable of. However, some businesses throughout the Youngstown, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and Wooster, Ohio areas are still unsure as to whether LED signage would be the best advertising solution for their particular needs. To better assist those who are on the fence, Akers Signs strives to inform local businesses of the various benefits that go along with having such a display in place.

For starters, LED displays are extremely flexible in terms of what type of businesses they can benefit. Banks, churches, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, sports stadiums, and amusement parks are just some of the establishments that frequently install LED signage as a way to better communicate with the public. Plus, these EMCs can also be programmed to display whatever information the business would like to get across to potential customers. Those that have obtained an electronic message center from Akers Signs typically use it to display public service information, current time and temperature, personal greetings, upcoming events, and more. The fact that these signs are easy to change means that businesses can update their displays in a quick and efficient manner.

Akers Signs frequently points out that no other advertising medium can compete with EMCs in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Though the return on investment varies from business to business, those that have an LED display installed on their Youngstown, Akron, or Wooster property can expect to see significant results after a short period of time. Studies have shown that owners typically see at least a 15% increase in business. For most, it doesn’t take long for the electronic message center to pay for itself. As an added bonus, this local sign company offers leasing options that allow clients to pay a reasonable monthly fee for signage.

EMCs are such an effective method of advertising because they’re able to get information across to potential customers quickly. Unlike traditional signage, electronic message centers are able to use bright lights and colors to draw attention from passersby. Since these signs are much more noticeable, drivers are able to see and comprehend messages from businesses in just a few seconds. Not only are drivers more likely to retain the message, but to remember the location of the business in the future. As a result of obtaining an LED display from Akers Signs, businesses can look forward to a significant increase in their customer base.

akers-signs_led3Additional information about EMCs and how such LED signage can benefit various businesses throughout Youngstown, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; and beyond can be found at www.akerssigns.com or www.akersled.com. Those who are interested in installing an LED display in front of their building are encouraged to contact this local sign company directly by calling 330.493.0055. Their staff is happy to answer any questions a business owner may have about electronic message centers, whether they’re related to pricing, design work, installation, or service.

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