Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Assists COPD & Asthma Sufferers with Effects of Heat & Humidity in Stark County, Ohio Area

If you’ve lived in the Stark County, Ohio area for longer than a few days, then you know that unusual weather is nothing, well, unusual. The fluctuating barometric pressure and temperature is par for the course. This summer, however, feels like a record-breaker, and it’s not even August yet! How can we have so much moisture in the air, but still experience a drought? Well, if it could happen anywhere, it’s Canton, Ohio. The real question is, how has the humidity affected you? If you’re living with asthma or COPD, simply walking outside of your Alliance, Ohio home may cause you to feel as though you’re working for every breath. Dr. John T. Given and the caring staff at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine have some advice to help you still enjoy your summer while monitoring the effects of heat and humidity on asthma and COPD.

The recent humidity has been challenge for many people, even those with very mild respiratory conditions or who have never experienced problems in the past. One of the most worrying things about extreme weather conditions is that their effects can catch you off-guard. Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine cautions that one moment, you may feel fine, and the next moment you’re battling a sudden onset asthma attack or other respiratory distress. So, how do you avoid letting the humidity sneak up on you?

First and foremost, Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine reminds you to make sure that you always have your rescue inhaler on hand. Don’t leave home without it (it’s far more important than a credit card)! Of course, ideally, you will not need your rescue inhaler because you’ll follow these other bits of advice, too.

Remember the old joke where the patient tells the doctor, “it hurts when I do this,” and the doctor responds (all together now), “don’t do that”? Sometimes, that’s really not such bad advice. If you have allergies, avoiding your allergens is step one toward controlling your symptoms. Avoidance is suggested now, as well. If your respiratory system is compromised in any way, stay out of the Stark County heat and humidity as much as possible. A comfortable, air conditioned area is your best bet.

If you absolutely cannot avoid going out, limit your exposure as much as possible. Stick to doing your Alliance chores or running you Canton errands in the morning before it gets too steamy outside or in the evening when the worst of the heat begins to abate. Don’t push yourself. If you begin to have difficulty breathing, take a break—a breather, literally.

Last, but not least: take this seriously! Even those who typically have exceptionally mild symptoms are at risk when the temperature and humidity are elevated. Avoiding an episode is much easier, not to mention better for your overall wellbeing, than trying to recover from one.

If you’ve never experienced symptoms before, but have been struggling recently, it’s time to schedule an appointment with breathing experts at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio! With their help, you can look forward to breathing a little easier this summer as they keep you informed about the effects of heat and humidity on asthma and COPD! Everyone in Alliance, Ohio or anywhere in Stark County, Ohio, not just COPD and asthma suffers, can find relief by following several tips outlined here. Call 330.479.3333 to schedule an appointment today!

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