Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Is Enrolling for Pediatric Asthma, COPD, & Other Studies in the Stark County, Ohio Area!

Whether you’re fighting the flu or battling a flare up from a chronic condition like asthma or COPD, there are few things that are as discomfiting and sometimes even frightening than struggling to breathe. For children dealing with pediatric asthma, it can be even more unsettling.  The high temperatures and even higher humidity of the past few weeks in Stark County, Ohio and surrounding areas have been challenging for those living with these illnesses. But, there’s good news! Strides are being made through clinical trials and research studies to defeat these conditions, and breakthroughs are on the horizon right here in Northeast Ohio. At Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio, under the guidance of Dr. John T. Given, the hard work of the research staff is paying off. The bad news? Well, it’s not actually “bad,” but these brilliant professionals cannot do everything on their own: they need your help!

You don’t have to have severe symptoms for many of the studies at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine. In fact, being able to observe a varying range of severity can be quite useful to the research staff as they may find that some treatments are more or less effective depending upon the subject’s symptoms.

At this time, there are several open and enrolling studies, including two pediatric asthma studies. It may not always be convenient for mom and dad to bring their children to the office outside of their regularly scheduled visits and check-ups, but if you are able to participate, it may certainly pay off. Few things are more difficult for a parent than seeing their child suffer, and feeling helpless to take their pain away. If you have a child who has been diagnosed with asthma and you are interested in taking part in study to help other children in the same situation, please contact Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine! All you have to do is call 330.479.3333, and ask to speak to someone in the research department. Even if a different Stark County area doctor normally treats your child, he or she may still be eligible for the pediatric asthma study.

Don’t worry—it’s not just kids who can help out with the studies at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, more commonly referred to as COPD, is most often diagnosed when patients are in their 40’s. And, while tobacco use accounts for the majority of cases, there are other environmental factors that can also play a role. No matter how you came to be living with COPD, your participation in a research study may just help you to breathe easier! Whether you’ve been dealing with the condition for years or are only recently diagnosed, you have the potential to be a great help not just to Northeast Ohio area sufferers, on a much grander scale.

Still shaking your head because none of the above are applicable to you? Well, let’s talk asthma of the non-pediatric variety. Do you have a flexible schedule? Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine is recruiting for a rather unusual asthma study. Your visits to the office would only be every nine to fourteen days, so you don’t have to worry about making it there every day or anything of that nature. However, when you do visit, they’d like for you to stay a while… think six hours. Sound boring? Give the staff at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine a little more credit than that! They have created a special area where you can relax with a good book, maybe your favorite tunes playing through your ear buds, and settle in for a few hours. There’s even compensation for your willingness to give up so many consecutive hours in the quest for better asthma treatments and remedies!

If you think that you or your child may qualify for one of the research studies mentioned above, and are interested in participating, please contact the research department at Canton, Ohio’s Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine by calling 330.479.3333 today! You can also ask about current or upcoming studies that may not be listed here, and take advantage of the opportunity to help yourself as well as other COPD, pediatric asthma, and adult asthma patients throughout Stark County, Ohio, all of Northeast Ohio, and beyond!

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