At Classic Auto Glass Windshield Safety, Repair, & Replacement Are Top Priorities in the Canton, Ohio and East Sparta, Ohio Areas

When you think of vehicle safety features, what comes to mind? Passenger and side-impact airbags? Seatbelts? Anti-lock brakes? Probably all of these, and a few more. One item that likely doesn’t make your list is the windshield, but it should. Classic Auto Glass, located in Canton, Ohio and only minutes from East Sparta, Ohio, understands the importance of windshield safety. Their expert technicians will ensure that all repairs or replacements are performed to the highest standards, and will never leave you or your vehicle at risk.

Your windshield is, quite literally, the only thing standing between you and anything and everything that comes flying at you as you drive down the road. Imagine, for a moment, if it weren’t there. You’d barely be able to see because you’d be squinting into the wind. All of those insects that you’re regularly washing off? Guess where they’d be? Yuck! Already, you can see that your windshield is, in fact, a safety feature, as well as luxury (unless you like eating bugs!).

It goes beyond that, though. As the automotive manufacturing industry has changed, the steel frames that we once relied on to both protect us and to help our cars, trucks, vans, and more have been sacrificed in order to create lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles. As a result, significant structural responsibility moved from the frame to the body of the vehicle, and that includes your windshield. Specifically, the windshield became an integral part of the roof support system. If your windscreen is cracked or shattered, it is not just the auto glass that is affected: the structural integrity of your vehicle’s roof support is compromised by the damaged and weakened windshield.

If you have ever wondered why it is illegal in the state of Ohio to drive with a damaged windscreen, you may now have a better understanding of it. It’s not just to protect other drivers on the road because your vision may be obstructed; it’s also to protect you from a failing safety feature on your vehicle. With more than thirty years combined experience, the technical staff at Classic Auto Glass can repair or replace the windshield on your East Sparta vehicle so it’s as good as new…or better!

Classic Auto Glass is a small, locally-owned Canton company. They have an extensive inventory which allows your auto glass repair to be completed quickly. Their low overhead means that they’re not passing extra costs on to you. So, not only will you receive exceptional service, you will also receive the best price!

Don’t wait for a citation to be issued, or worse, for an important safety feature on your car, truck, van, or even your RV to fail before you have your windshield replaced or repaired. Whether it’s as small as a rock chip or as large as a shatter, the short trip from East Sparta, Ohio to Classic Auto Glass in Canton, Ohio will be well worth your while. Call them at 330.48.0597 to schedule a no obligation quote or visit them online at today!

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