Attend the Archery Clinic at Kames Sports near Canton, Ohio Later This Month

If you’ve ever watched a movie in which the hero or heroine used a bow and arrow set, you’ve probably felt a small urge to try it yourself. However, though actors on the big screen make it look so easy, the truth is that it’s not as simple as one would think. In fact, athletes require a significant amount of guidance and training in order to become good at this sport. For archery enthusiasts around the Massillon, Ohio and Akron, Ohio areas, Kames Sports will be giving 25 people the chance to attend their archery clinic this month, led by accomplished archer Mark Bower. By pre-registering at this outdoor sports store near Canton, Ohio now, you can get the opportunity to begin to develop the skills you need to shoot for fun or even participate in archery contests one day.

Though you’re undoubtedly eager to grab a bow and arrow set, pull back your dominant arm, and let the arrows fly toward their intended target, it’s crucial that you follow proper safety precautions first; otherwise, you could wind up injuring yourself or others! The upcoming archery clinic at Kames Sports is intended to demonstrate these safety procedures so that aspiring archers will proceed with the utmost caution when practicing this sport. However, once the archery instructor has gone over this important topic, you’ll be able to learn about actual shooting.

The archery clinic coming up at this outdoor sports store near Canton is a great event for adults and children of all ages. Attendants will receive a comprehensive lesson on archery: traditional and instinctive. In addition to traditional archery, Mark Bower will also be teaching clinic participants about instinctive shooting—the style that doesn’t use any complex aiming processes. Those who take advantage of the archery clinic will receive basic instruction on form, shooting technique, and bow and arrow set selection.

At the end of the clinic at Kames Sports, Massillon and Akron natives will have a better understanding of the sport and what it actually entails. If you decide that archery is a hobby you’d like to take up, you can get all of the supplies you need at Kames too! With help from the experts at this local outdoor sports store, there’s no reason you couldn’t eventually enter an archery contest either.

The archery clinic at Kames Sports will take place on July 29th from 6-8 PM at this outdoor sports store near Canton, Ohio. Unfortunately, the maximum number of participants allowed is 25, so it’s in your best interest to sign up soon. If you’d like to learn more about practicing and competing in archery contests from an experienced archer, visit Kames Sports for pre-registration. After you take the trip from your Akron, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio home to this nearby retailer, you can also talk to their experts about the bow and arrow sets and other equipment available in their archery department.

Kames Sports
8516 Cleveland Ave N
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.499.4558

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