Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli Assists with Your Medicare & Medicaid Application and More in Canton, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio

Do you know what these acronyms stand for: QMB, SLMB, QI, QDW? If you answered yes, you already know more about Medicare and Medicaid than the average person. Even if you can name things like “Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary” (SLMB), do you truly know what that designation means? Do you wonder if there’s anyone in the Canton, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio area who does? Elder Law Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli not only knows the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid, but wants to take the time to help you learn them, too.

Going online or reading the booklets from the local Medicare and Medicaid offices will probably leave you with more questions than answers. Of course, you have to decipher everything first, try to sort out where the programs converge, and then attempt to determine your eligibility. Misunderstanding eligibility can lead you or someone you care for to take drastic, unnecessary, and completely avoidable actions in an attempt to ensure that you or they qualify.

The best advice? Stop trying to handle it on your own. The language of these documents is not meant for the average layperson (no matter what they try to tell you at the Medicaid office), but an elder law attorney can take the convoluted mess of eligibility issues and the application process and simplify it into a much more manageable process. By getting to know you and your specific needs, Glen F. Buttacavoli can determine what programs are best for you, and how to go about securing eligibility without impoverishing yourself.

While you’re meeting with Stark County elder law attorney Glen Buttacavoli, ask him about his other services. He can assist with drafting and filing a living will, as well as durable power of attorney. Planning your estate, and knowing that your wishes will be followed will give you peace of mind. You can concentrate on more important things, like enjoying retirement and spending time with loved ones, instead of seemingly endless piles of paperwork. Your new Canton area attorney will handle all that for you.

The second best advice? It’s never too early, and it’s never too late. Whenever possible, early planning is your absolute best bet. As an attorney specializing in elder law, Mr. Buttacavoli can help you to preserve as many assets as possible. However, don’t throw your hands up in defeat if you did not start your planning in advance. There are still options available to you that are not clearly explained to many eligible seniors and their families. This is just one more reason why meeting with an elder law attorney, like Glen F. Buttacavoli, should be on the top of your to-do list BEFORE any important decisions are made. Let him put his expertise to use in protecting you, your rights, your property, your assets, and your loved ones.

If you’re struggling with Medicare and Medicaid issues today or if you’re ready to begin planning for future needs, then schedule an appointment with Glen F. Buttacavoli. As an elder law attorney serving the Canton, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio areas for over 25 years, he has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive every available benefit, while still maintaining many of your assets. Call his office today at 330.830.0083 to get started!

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