Avoid Damage from Tree Roots by Managing Invasive Trees with Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio

Recently, the team at Hollinger Tree Service mentioned damage that invasive trees that can cause. To be specific, it was damage from tree roots and the mention spawned a series of questions. People from Perry Heights, Ohio to Jackson Township, Ohio and from Canton, Ohio to North Canton, Ohio want to know more about what invasive tree roots can do. Most are curious to know if cutting trees down before their roots run amuck is the safer thing to do. So, the tree removal experts are providing more detail to help these homeowners and you decide what to do.

First and foremost, let’s clarify what fits the description of invasive trees. The title correctly suggests trees with a natural tendency to impose, but it’s important to note that the movement in question occurs underground. Invasive trees are those with roots that aggressively pursue water sources. And should your fence, driveway, or home stand between these forceful roots and the water they want, you can count on experiencing property damage from tree roots.

Fractured fences in Perry Heights, buckled driveways in Jackson Township, and cracked foundations in Canton and North Canton are easily attributed to invasive trees. Yet, as the tree removal experts explain, these and other types of damage from tree roots can be averted by alert homeowners. By that they mean, homeowners who know what’s growing on and under their grounds and take a proactive approach to protecting their property. Such steps can also save trees as cutting trees down is not the only way to avoid damage from tree roots.

You see, when homeowners know they have any of the many versions of Maple, Mulberry, Boxelder, Buckthorn, or Elm trees that go on underground water hunts in Ohio, an early call to Hollinger Tree Service affords options. Prior to roots bombarding basements and threatening the structural integrity of homes, roots can be intentionally retarded. This specialized industry tactic stops aggressive root spreading without threatening the health or life a tree. And while it is preferred to cutting trees down, it is a tactic of opportunity.

To determine if you can or should take advantage of a property protecting, tree saving opportunity, look outside and see if you’re sharing space with invasive trees. But don’t overlook your shrubbery because although we’re focusing on trees right now, many bushes and vines have aggressive roots too. For some people in Perry Heights, Ohio; Jackson Township, Ohio; and North Canton, Ohio, the thought of multiple threats could call for an expert review. If that includes you, call 330.268.2989 and ask the team at Hollinger Tree Service to come and check out your greenery for you. Should you be in danger of damage from tree roots, the tree removal experts can start taming roots or cutting down trees before problems begin.

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