B Side Wine House Is Helping Locals Celebrate the Holidays with Their Sparkling Jazz event in Stark County, Ohio!

With the month of October close to an end, many people in the Stark County, Ohio area are starting to get excited for the upcoming holiday festivities. And local businesses in the region are the same way! Many of your favorite establishments in the Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio areas are finding new and unique ways of spreading holiday cheer to the masses. Just look at B Side Wine House! This well-known wine shop is offering all kinds of holiday-inspired wines, sparkling wines, and specialty gift baskets to their customers. Not only that, they’re also making it possible for local residents to host holiday parties by renting out their private event room. But perhaps what they’re looking forward to most of all is their Sparkling Jazz event on December 8th!

If you’ve heard anything about B Side Wine House, you probably know that this Stark County wine shop frequently hosts special events for residents and out-of-towners to participate in. Folks from all over the Massillon and Canton areas stop in to B Side Wine House to enjoy an evening of fine wine, delicious food, great music, and good company. Everyone who has been to one of B Side Wine House’s parties knows that they’re not to be missed, and the Sparkling Jazz event is no exception! On December 8th, B Side Wine House will be hosting one of their fun events once again. And you certainly don’t want to stay at home when the evening rolls around. Make sure to keep an eye out on B Side Wine House’s Facebook page to make sure you get all of the details for this upcoming gathering.

While the Sparkling Jazz event is definitely something to look forward to, B Side Wine House has various products that can help get you in the holiday mood right now! Offering an assortment of sparkling wines, holiday-inspired wines, and specialty gift baskets, B Side Wine House gives you the opportunity to do all of your Christmas shopping in one convenient location. Any friend, family member, or co-worker would be happy to receive one of these thoughtful presents. Plus, you can always pick up a bag of goodies for yourself as well!

B Side Wine House also makes it easy to hold a family or work-related gathering this season. If you have an upcoming social event but lack a venue, why not talk to the staff of B Side Wine House about renting their private event room? They would be more than happy to host your party within their spacious facility and you can take advantage of all the products and services they have to offer.

Since the month of October is quickly coming to an end and the holidays are fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to visit B Side Wine House. Not only can you purchase some of their sparkling wines, holiday-inspired wines, and specialty gift baskets, but you can even host your Stark County, Ohio holiday party in their private event room! Just give B Side Wine House a call at 330.451.2070 to request their space. For more information about B Side Wine House, visit their website at www.bsidewinehouse.com. Or better yet, take a quick trip from your Massillon, Ohio home to see it in person! They’re conveniently located at 575 Market Ave N in Canton, Ohio. And don’t forget to “like” B Side’s Facebook page so you can learn more details about their Sparkling Jazz event on December 8th!

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