Be Sure to Stop by Audrey’s Attic in Orrville, Ohio for Some Fun February Sales on Candles, Décor, and More!

Is it springtime yet? Not yet, at least not near Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio. While more weeks of winter weather may have you feeling a little bit down, there are plenty of things to help cheer you up, like a trip to Audrey’s Attic in Orrville, Ohio! Their quaint country store is bright and blooming with all kinds of affordable home décor, in-store discounts, keepsakes and gift ideas. In fact, February is a great month to plan to visit Audrey’s Attic because of their fun February sales, which include discounted Swan Creek candles. Plus, some nicely spent time inside of Audrey’s Attic is always a surefire way to brighten up anyone’s day.

Of course, being that there is so much to see inside of Audrey’s Attic, it’s not difficult at all to spend hours looking through all of the wonderful items that they have on display through their attic-inspired country shop. Instead of dust and cobwebs, though, you’ll find beautiful trinkets, country chic keepsakes and gift ideas, as well as a vast selection of affordable home décor that includes anything from inspirational signs and garlands, to candles, linens, stationary, and calendars. In fact, if you’re looking for an easy way to inject your Canton or Akron home with a bit of spring prior to the spring weather arriving, you will undoubtedly appreciate the lovely selection of wreaths and silk flowers that they have on display.

In addition to all of the wonderful items there are to look at inside of this Orrville based shop, many know and love Audrey’s Attic for the continuous in-store discounts and sales that occur every month. This month, there are some wonderful February sales taking place. Their selection of Swan Creek candles are on sale as the candle of the month, having been discounted by 25% off their original price. Alongside the sale on candles, Audrey’s Attic is hosting a “Flip flops in February” sale, where those planning to visit the shop are encouraged to wear their flips flops into the store from February 16th through the 21st in order to receive an amazing 25% percent off their entire purchase. That’s a fun sale that you won’t want to miss! And as if there weren’t enough sales already, anyone who visits Audrey’s Attic this month can take 20% off any non-sale item in the store.

This month is definitely a great time to plan a trip to Audrey’s Attic! Even if you live up near Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio, the February sales and numerous in-store discounts available this month are incentive enough to make time to visit. To check out some of the lovely items that they have available prior to stopping by, you can visit the Audrey’s Attic website at There, you can view the different scents of Swan Creek candles, browse through some of the affordable home décor items, or look through their unique selection of keepsakes and gift ideas. For questions about any types of items that this country store carries, don’t hesitate to contact one of the friendly Audrey’s Attic associates today by calling 330.683.3384.

Audrey’s Attic
147 Main St.
Orrville, OH 44667
Ph: 330.683.3384
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