Building 9 Has New Vinyl Siding at Close-Out Prices for Affordable Home Improvement in Carroll County, Ohio Area

So, you took the advice of many homeowners in the Carroll County, Ohio area, including Carrollton, Ohio, Malvern, Ohio, and Minerva, Ohio and went to Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio or Akron, Ohio for all of your composite decking. You bought all the materials you needed in one stop at closeout prices, took advantage of the beautiful spring weather, and went to work building the deck of your dreams. And now that you are spending quality time outdoors with your family on your beautiful outdoor living space, something just isn’t right. Is it the landscaping? Nope, just had that professionally redone. Could it be the perfectly manicured lawn? Don’t think so….you pay good money to keep that looking good. Keep looking…ahh yes, it’s your faded worn out vinyl siding that is causing such an eyesore. Listen; at Building 9, they know home improvement can be costly! But, since your new deck was built with materials from Building 9, you can afford brand new vinyl siding, too!


Building 9, with locations in Massillon and Akron, offers one of the most popular maintenance-free siding materials—vinyl siding—at the best prices you will find anywhere in Carroll County or surrounding areas. It is also one of the most manageable siding materials for those who prefer to do it themselves! Building 9 carries several styles and colors of siding, trim, accessories, and the tools you will need to transform the outside of your home from drab to fab! And, the best part about vinyl siding is that it’s fairly easy to install yourself. The biggest obstacle to overcome is planning the layout and installing the trim for a specific “zone” on your Carrollton area home.

When choosing vinyl siding, Building 9 has many different color and texture options. Vinyl comes in a variation of colors from light to dark. As a rule, the darker the color, the higher chance of fading, so you may want to stick to light to medium shades when choosing the color of your new vinyl siding. But, the main item that needs to be looked at is how well the siding is going to stand up against wear and tear while still maintaining the beauty of your Minerva home! The general rule of thumb is the thicker the vinyl, the longer it will maintain its character. That being said, you can also count on the thicker the vinyl, the higher the cost. But, since you are buying from Building 9, the savings that are being afforded at closeout prices will let you purchase a higher grade of vinyl siding for less than what you would find at a big box store.

If you are replacing the vinyl on your Malvern home, it may be able to be installed over the home’s current siding. Vinyl needs to be nailed into solid wood, so if your home has wood siding, you are good to go! Generally though, if your home has existing aluminum or vinyl siding, that will have to be removed before the new vinyl siding can be installed.

Now that we have determined that your siding should look as gorgeous as your new deck, why are you still sitting here reading this article? You should be making your list for all the supplies you will need for your new home improvement project! Building 9’s Massillon, Ohio and Akron, Ohio locations are only a short drive from your Malvern, Ohio, Minerva, Ohio, or Carrollton, Ohio home, and the closeout priced building materials are well worth the trip! Okay, since you are still here reading, check out their website at to see exactly what Building 9 has to offer. Wait a minute? You are still here? Well let me tell you…your Carroll County, Ohio neighbors are already on their way to Building 9 and you should be too! Don’t let your neighbors get all the good stuff! Hurry up and go! Go! Go!

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