Building 9 Offers Affordable, Made To Order Kitchen Cabinets to Canton, Ohio

Are you starting a home improvement project on your Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or North Canton, Ohio home? Finding a design you like that won’t break the bank can be difficult. Redesigning a room in your home can be a headache. Building 9 understands that every home, no matter the budget, should have a wide selection of designs to choose from. Each affordable kitchen cabinet can be purchased in-stock or made to order. The made to order cabinets are highly crafted.

The kitchen can be the biggest home improvement project you do. From the countertops to the sink to the cabinets, finding what works best for your home can be overwhelming. Building 9’s beautiful, affordable kitchen cabinets can help make your choice a little easier. Whether you prefer darker wood or a blonder tone, Building 9 offers a variety of each colored cabinets. One of the lighter tones, The Hammond Oak, features a wheat finish, partial overlay, veneered recessed center panel door, and a beveled profile on the inside and outside of the door and drawer fronts. The lighter tones throughout complement white appliances and a more shell countertop. The darker tone cabinet, The Newberry Birch, is treated with a saddle finish, partial overlay, veneered recessed center panel door, and a beveled profile on the inside and outside of the door and drawer fronts. The darker toned cabinets work best against the cooler tones of steel appliances.

The quantity of in stoke closeout cabinets is limited and each of the cabinet’s sizes and styles vary. If you would prefer made to order cabinets you can order them from Building 9 as well. Each of the cabinets require customer pick up, half of the money down at the time of order and the other half down at the time of delivery. There are no returns, refunds or cancellations since each cabinet is made custom for your kitchen. You may also order Shrock trademark cabinets through Building 9. The trademark cabinets by Schrock are available in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Alder, Rustic Alder, Hickory, and Thermofoil door styles. Each style comes in a wide array of finishes, making the design possibilities seem almost endless for you and your personal kitchen design. You can bring in the measurements of your kitchen and Building 9 can give you a free quote for your costume cabinets. Every good kitchen design is based on accurate measurements. Nothing is worse than getting custom kitchen cabinets that do not properly fit into your new design. If you are unsure how to properly measure your kitchen, Building 9 can help walk you through it on their website, Figuring out what you would like to keep in your kitchen is just as important as what you would like to redo. Writing a quick sketch of your new kitchen design can help you organize your thoughts. In your sketch, be sure to include the appliances, windows, electrical outlets, light switches, and doors that you want to incorporate into your new kitchen. The expert staff at Building 9 can help you design a personal, custom kitchen for you based off of what you want to keep and what you want to redesign in your sketch.

A great way to pass time this winter can be a home improvement project. Finding affordable kitchen cabinets in North Canton, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio can be difficult. These made to order cabinets or in stock cabinets will help bring your vision together. The trained staff at Building 9 can help bring your vision to life. If you would like to get a free quote or ask about their cabinets call 1-800-931-3236.

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