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We experienced some substantial storm damage in Northeast Ohio this past June. Multiple power lines were downed in Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio as were telephone poles in North Canton, Ohio. And Jackson Township, Ohio seemed to experience it all as strong winds blew the roofs off of several buildings and toppled numerous trees. It was all a bit of an expected surprise since we know our weather can be eventful. We also know the need to remove trees and clear debris will arise again. So our best bet is to know who to call for affordable emergency tree removal service. And for residents of Stark County, Ohio, that would be Hollinger Tree Service.

Fallen trees can literally end up anywhere. And if they end up on your property, they will be your problem no matter where they came from. If that information comes as an unexpected surprise, hold on for the breakdown. According to the laws in most states, including Ohio, fallen trees are termed an Act of God. That means their collapse is no person’s fault – not even the rightful owner. And whoever gets stuck with the trees or their debris is responsible for removal.

You may be thinking that your homeowner’s insurance company will come to the rescue. And if a tree falls on your home, you’re partially correct. Insurance companies will cover damage to the dwelling, but they will not pay to remove trees or clear debris. They will not cover any damage to your vehicle either should your car or truck get caught in the mix. Those troubles would be covered by comprehensive auto insurance policies. And that means people with only liability protection would be stuck with a tree and a damaged vehicle.

These details are often less than well received by people in Akron or Canton who can spend days debating who has to pay to remove trees. Same goes for residents of North Canton and Jackson Township who are not exactly excited to up cash to clear debris that clearly came from someone else’s tree.

But the facts are the facts and the law is the law so it’s best to be prepared than to get caught completely off guard. Simultaneously expected yet unpredictable storm damage will end up on someone’s property in Stark County sooner or later. When it’s your turn to remove trees or clear debris, don’t bother debating. Instead, find solace in the affordable emergency tree removal service that Hollinger Tree Service provides.

The local company that is always a phone call away can handle any and all amounts of storm damage for residents of Stark County, Ohio. Be it limbs strewn about your land in Akron, Ohio, branches blocking your driveway in North Canton, Ohio, or leftover tree stumps in Jackson Township, Ohio, Hollinger Tree Service is the solution. With a team of land clearing experts on staff, Hollinger Tree Service can remove trees and clear debris without cleaning you out. So when you need budget friendly emergency tree removal service, call Hollinger Tree Service at 330.268.2989.

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