Call Hollinger Tree Service for Commercial and Residential Salting & Plowing in Stark County, Ohio this Winter!

Some people around Stark County, Ohio are more excited about the falling temperatures than others, but, even if you won’t be welcoming Old Man Winter with open arms, he’s on his way—like it or not. In the Massillon, Ohio area, one thing you can count on with winter is snow and ice. Aside from those who are hoping for an extra day off school, not many people welcome winter’s precipitation or the precarious conditions that it causes. Each year, North Canton, Ohio business owners and homeowners alike are forced to find snow and ice removal solutions to keep traffic flowing and everyone on their feet. Hollinger Tree Service of Louisville, Ohio offers residential and commercial plowing and salting for the Canton, Ohio area!

Let’s face it. Shovels are backbreaking and snow blowers and throwers are loud, not to mention inefficient in a large area where you may end up moving the same snow three or four times before actually getting it out of your way. Sometimes, a plow is the only tool for the job. But, you’re probably not ready to invest in one yourself, and it definitely won’t fit on the front of your little commuter car. Now you’re stuck trying to find someone else to do it. Your requirements are simple: a local company that employs locally keeping jobs and revenues in the community and reasonable prices. Your answer is simple, too: Hollinger Tree Service!

Just as you relied on Hollinger Tree Service throughout the warmer months to keep trees pruned, help you clean up from storms, and even cut down a tree or two, you can rely on them all winter, too. Your business, large or small, depends upon your accessibility. Commercial plowing and salting from Hollinger Tree Service can make sure that entryways are unblocked and parking spots are clear and waiting to be filled (by customers—not more snow). They’ll also make sure that customers can safely get from their vehicle to your door by thoroughly salting the area to eliminate slick spots.

Now, you may not have a parking lot at home, but even the most modest driveway can seem like it stretches on for miles when you’re faced with finding snow and ice removal solutions. Let Hollinger Tree Service handle it for you! With their residential plowing and salting services the task can be completed in a fraction of the time and with a level of precision you’d never be able to achieve with a shovel. Not to mention the fact that you get to stay warm and snug while the ice and snow are cleared away!

Instead of dreading Stark County, Ohio’s coming cold or worrying over how you’re going to clear away the loathsome (or lovely) snow, just call the team with your snow and ice removal solutions: Hollinger Tree Service. Locally owned and operated in Louisville, Ohio and serving the greater Canton, Ohio area, this is the perfect company to count on when the temperature drops and the snow starts falling. For more information about residential and commercial plowing and salting services in North Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio, or any of the surrounding areas, call 330.268.2989 today!

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