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The recent doses of sunshine probably have you excited about spending time outdoors. But a look around your property could reveal broken branches, scrappy leaves, and other signs of tree damage. No matter how many new flowers bloom or how neatly your cut the grass, you still see eyesores that you wish weren’t there. If you’re in Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Carroll County, Ohio and need a tree cut down or tree trimming and pruning, Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio can remove trees that you don’t want and clean up the ones you’d like to keep.

Tree damage is typically thought to be the result of rough winds, torrential rains, and even heavy snow. And while storm damage and seasonal stressors can wreak havoc on defenseless trees, animals cause most of the tree damage we see. Blemished tree barks, frayed tree trunks with visible gashes, and broken branches are often caused by deer. Those graceful beauties that make you stop and stare when you see them grazing or galloping in a field break tree branches to get the leaves and rough trees up with their antlers. You may have known that deer can do significant damage to bushes and shrubs. But go ahead and add trees to their list because deer damage tree bases and do their own form of tree trimming and pruning.

Squirrels and rabbits make their imprints on trees too. Damage from these smaller wild animals includes bark stripping by grey squirrels and ring-barking by rabbits. Bark stripping is the removal of pieces of tree bark which leaves trees with visible patches of missing bark. Ring-barking is the complete removal of an entire strip of bark which has usually been eaten by a rabbit. Both make trees susceptible to fungal infections, structural defects, and death. An untrained eye can see the damage and the professionals at Hollinger Tree Service in Canton can do something about it.

Whether tree trimming and pruning can restore the natural beauty to your land or if tree removal is your best bet, Hollinger Tree Service can assess and address your tree damage and completely remove trees if necessary. Should you need a tree cut down, they provide hauling and stump grinding services. For homeowners in Stark County, Summit County, and Carroll County, Hollinger Tree Service covers all land clearing needs.

So stop wondering why your trees resemble Dalmatians and let the professionals at Hollinger Tree Service come make sense of your situation. Call them at 330.268.2989 to schedule tree trimming and pruning or to get an estimate to remove trees suffering severe tree damage. If you simply wish you had more space out back or worry about that big one that’s a bit too close to your house, a phone call can get that tree cut down. Then your Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Carroll County, Ohio property will be the way you want it to be.

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