Canal Fulton Provision Brings the Finest Quality Meats to Stark County Nursing Homes

Being sure that your loved one is receiving the best possible care within a nursing home, assisted living facility or rehabilitation center is always a primary concern. With Canal Fulton Provision in the kitchen, you know that your loved one will have the finest quality meats in Summit, Wayne, Stark, and Tuscarawas Counties. As a nursing home’s food service, Canal Fulton Provision offers the best cuts of meat. Canal Fulton Provision meat are the most affordable, premium meat but they are also delivered fresh.

The food within nursing homes, assisted living centers, and rehabilitation centers has been a concern for most over the past few years. Many have found themselves wishing they had paid closer attention to what was being served to their loved ones. Some food is not up to the standards they should be, while some foods just become redundant. To save costs, some places may buy copious amounts of one type of meat, since buying in quantity can save money and time. However, a person can only have the same food so many times. Canal Fulton Provision offers packages with various types of affordable, premium meats to avoid such a situation. Just one variety box contains several pork roasts, cubed and round steaks, pork chops, and chicken. That is the smallest variety box! Each piece of meat comes individually wrapped and ready to be placed in your freezer. You can also choose to have a variety of just one type of meat, like Canal Fulton Provision’s steak bundle, if you desire.

Canal Fulton Provision has been serving the finest quality meats since 1969. The family-owned business produces only the most supreme meat. By using Canal Fulton Provision as a nursing home food service provider, you never have to worry if your living assisted facility, rehabilitation center or nursing home is serving premium meats or not. Every piece of meat is made fresh and made daily at the Canal Fulton Provision plant. Canal Fulton Provision understands the importance of keeping meat healthy. Keeping cholesterol and fat intake down can be important to your loved one. Your friend or family member does not need to skip out on eating meat. With healthier options as well, Canal Fulton Provision keeps your loved ones happy and healthy.

Canal Fulton Provision also offers a full line deli case assortment. In addition to the best meats you can find in Summit, Wayne, Stark and Tuscarawas Counties, you and your loved one can also choose from a full deli assortment. The deli options come with a large selection of deli meats and cheeses. Canal Fulton Provision takes care of everything you will need for a quick lunch, the only thing you need to worry about is the bread.

For those with a loved on in or heading to a nursing home, assisted living facility or rehabilitation center in Summit, Wayne, Stark, and Tuscarawas Counties you can rest easier knowing Canal Fulton Provision is providing their food. As a nursing home food service provider, your loved one will have the most affordable, premium meats. Canal Fulton Provision cares about your loved ones health as much as you do and it shows in the care they put into their meats. To see that for yourself, stop over to Canal Fulton Provision today or call (330) 854-3502 to set up delivery arrangements.

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