Canal Fulton Provision Can Make Your Next Wooster, Ohio Dinner Amazing with Country Smoked Pork Products!

Just because all the big holidays are over doesn’t mean you still can’t do something special for your family for dinner. Canal Fulton Provision has an assortment of country smoked pork products to choose from that are sure to make any meal amazing! For breakfast, pick up some hickory smoked bacon to delight the taste buds of those in your household as well as a smoked cottage ham for a large family dinner in North Canton, Ohio. For an Italian themed dinner, the best ingredient to go with your pasta and sauce is a nice piece of smoked sausage. At Canal Fulton Provision, you can purchase fresh sausages that are made on location and smoked to perfection just for you. If pork isn’t your meat of choice, know that Canal Fulton Provision offers a wide variety of fresh trimmed meat products so your Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio family meal can be made just the way you want it. With so many fresh items at Canal Fulton Provision, why buy your meat products anywhere else?

Although all the major holidays have come and gone, Valentine’s Day is still around the corner. Buying chocolates is cliché and impersonal. Do something that is sure to delight your loved one with a surprise dinner! Canal Fulton Provision offers a variety of trimmed fresh meat such as chicken, beef, and pork. For a nice Italian dinner, consider fresh sausages smoked to perfection to add flavor to your meal design. These sausages come in a wide variety and are great by themselves or incorporated into your pasta sauce for that extra zing. Afraid your Wooster dinner plans might fall through? Create your own meal at home using one of Canal Fulton Provision’s country smoked pork products! It’s not elegance that makes a meal, it’s the food. At Canal Fulton Provision you can find a wide range of hickory smoked pork products including smoked bacon and bacon ends, smoked bone, boneless, semi-boneless, picnic and cottage hams, and more! If you live in the Massillon or North Canton areas and you’re looking for affordable fresh meat products to make your next meal even better, visit Canal Fulton Provision! Here you can find fresh pork, poultry, and beef products to season, smoke, or marinade just the way you want them. Only at Canal Fulton Provision can you find such delicious products!

Not sure what to make for your Massillon, Ohio families next dinner gathering? Let Canal Fulton Provision help you make an amazing meal for your family or special someone with one of their delicious country smoked pork products. For a large gathering, consider a hickory smoked boneless ham to get their mouths watering and asking for seconds! For a smaller meal for you and that someone special, you could always try one of the many types of smoked fresh sausages available on display at Canal Fulton Provision. Sausages are a versatile food, being able to be eaten alone or added to another dish for extra flavoring and a more filling meal. If you’re searching for trimmed fresh meat in North Canton, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio, Canal Fulton Provision is the location to go. Here, you can select the finest in trimmed meats so you know you’re getting the leanest most delicious product for your next meal. For more information on Canal Fulton Provision’s available products that can enhance your next meal, visit their website at or call 330.854.3502 today!

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