Canal Fulton Provision Has Your Wholesale Sausage & the Best Breakfast Meats in Stark County, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

For years we’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But what all of those parents and others failed to mention was that the breakfast meats (whether wholesale sausage at a restaurant or bacon slices at home) served at that important meal should come from Canal Fulton Provision in Canal Fulton, Ohio! Growing up in a large Tuscarawas County, Ohio farming family, breakfast was served with the sunrise and the servings were plentiful! Sadly, today most families in Stark County, Ohio and surrounding counties grab breakfast on the go, or simply skip breakfast all together! Canal Fulton Provision wants to bring your Wayne County, Ohio family back to the table, start the day together with the works! Sausage, bacon, toast, eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice…reminds you of Sunday morning doesn’t it? Well, even if Sunday morning is the only morning that your family can spend a morning together, don’t forget to bring Canal Fulton Provision to your Summit County, Ohio table!

Canal Fulton Provision has been serving up the best quality breakfast meats, including wholesale sausage, to Stark, Wayne, Summit, and Tuscarawas counties for over forty years! This family owned business offers wholesale and retail pricing to their customers and businesses throughout the area! And for businesses, this is music to their ears! Simply call Canal Fulton Provision, place your order for anything from wholesale sausage to chicken and anything and everything in between and they will deliver it to your place of business the same day! Just make sure you call early in the morning, like when you are eating various breakfast meats from Canal Fulton Provision!

You can rest assured that the meats you get from Canal Fulton Provision are always fresh! How do you know? Because the sausage is made right at the plant with the finest cuts of pork. And smoked sausages are smoked in Canal Fulton Provisions very own smokehouse for that full smoke flavor!

Now, let’s stop for a minute and think….breakfast meats like sausage just aren’t for breakfast! One of the most popular dishes at weddings, corporate picnics, summer celebrations, is sausage and peppers! Here is some good news if you are in the catering business and are planning any one of those events in the Stark, Summit, Wayne or Tuscarawas counties, you can buy wholesale sausage from Canal Fulton Provision! Just give them a call, and they will be happy to help you decide the best way to purchase your wholesale meats, how much you should buy for the amount of people expected, and even the best method to cook the sausage or other meat to maximize the taste and flavor.

Speaking of catering, don’t forget that Canal Fulton Provision has a fully stocked deli case with assortments of fresh luncheon meats sliced to order, and you can also choose from a full line of fresh cheeses to compliment your trays, all at reasonable prices! Meat and cheese trays are the perfect menu item when catering bridal or baby showers, or for corporate golf outings, or summer picnics for businesses or private organizations!

Canal Fulton Provision is located at 2014 Locust Street in Canal Fulton, Ohio. All the delicious breakfast meats, including wholesale sausage, and so much more can be viewed by going to There you can get started on planning your menu for your next big catering job in Stark County, Summit County, Wayne County, and Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Canal Fulton Provision can be reached by calling 330-854-3502, or stop in…they would love to MEAT you!

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