Canal Fulton Provision Picnic Meats Make Your Massillon, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio Corporate Outing or Company Picnic a Success!

Good news for the folks in Massillon, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio: the unofficial start of summer is here!  Backyard patios will be cleared off and turned into outdoor dining rooms for the next few months. Grills will be fine-tuned, and your visits to Canal Fulton Provision in Canal Fulton, Ohio will be frequent! Canal Fulton Provision is great for backyard barbecues and family get-togethers, but what about those company picnics or corporate outings? Canal Fulton Provision has everything you need to make your event a huge success, without the stress of running place to place!

Canal Fulton Provision boasts the ability to handle simple meet and cheese trays to special cuts of meat hand-picked exclusively for your company picnic! If you are the person in charge of planning these events, Canal Fulton Provision is here to help with some great planning ideas!

First, let’s be frank…hot dogs and hamburgers are always a safe option when it comes to a gathering. And Canal Fulton Provision has the ability to set you up with all the fresh ground meat and hot dogs you can imagine. But, do you really want to play it safe? Or do you want to impress?

If you’re opting to impress, then take note…Canal Fulton Provision has fresh beef, like special cuts of steak, trimmed, with a beautiful marbling that makes for a tasty, tender treat that is far from the ordinary! If you are a little chicken when it comes to planning the corporate outing, quit your squawking! Canal Fulton Provision is noted for their fresh poultry! There are many options to choose from when it comes to poultry: large boneless chicken breasts are always juicy and delicious hot off the grill, chicken legs are great for little fingers to bite into, and Canal Fulton Provision even has jumbo cut party wings perfect for your golf outings!

If you are looking to spice things up…why not offer sausage and peppers at the turn for your golfers at the corporate outing in Stark County, Ohio? Canal Fulton Provision has a full display of homemade sausages made with the finest cut of pork right on the premises. Smoked sausages are even smoked in a smokehouse on site for that full smoke flavor. And last but surely not least, deli trays are a simple solution when standing at a grill all day just isn’t an option! Canal Fulton Provision has a full line of deli meats with assortments of cheeses, all sliced to order for your company picnic in Massillon, Ohio.

If you are just in the planning stages of preparing for that celebration, you can always buy in bulk! City chicken, country sausage, boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, strip steaks, and rib eye steaks are all wrapped and ready for your freezer…allowing you to cross one more thing off your to do list!

So, now that Canal Fulton Provision has given you all the tools to create a fabulous feast for your next big gathering…might you like a secret marinade for those chicken breasts? This marinade can be made up ahead of time in gallon zip lock bags and placed in your freezer right next to the chicken or pork chops. When the big day comes for your event, simply grab your meat and marinade and head out to the grill! Your employees will think you are a master chef with some fabulous cooking skills! Here is all you need!

Chicken or pork marinade:
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon cooking sherry
5 tablespoons brown sugar
3 cloves of garlic, crushed

Simply combine all ingredients together in a gallon zip lock bag. Add meat the night before, if possible, to absorb all the flavor or at least two hours before grilling. Place on grill, and enjoy a sweet combination of Asian flavor that will make your taste buds say…”thanks, Canal Fulton Provision!”

So, if you are planning your corporate event such as a golf outing or company picnic in Massillon, Ohio or anywhere in Stark County, Ohio head on over to Canal Fulton Provision at 2014 Locust Street in Canal Fulton, Ohio, check them out online at or give them a call at 330-854-3502 and they would be happy to help you with the planning of your corporate outing!

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