Canton, Ohio’s Li Asian Cuisine Specializes in Delicious Asian-Inspired Meals

Do you love Asian-inspired meals? Perhaps traditional Chinese cuisine with a touch of Japanese, Thai or Mongolian taste? Then Li Asian Cuisine in Canton, Ohio is a restaurant you must try to satisfy your taste buds. Here you will find many of the flavorful chicken dishes that you may crave. They have quite the reputation throughout the North Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio area for their specialty wraps and Asian appetizers. This is because the food is prepared by chefs that have experience with this type of cuisine in order to satisfy customers’ desire for authenticity. Whether you dine in or take-out, Li Asian Cuisine is sure to set itself apart from most other Asian restaurants in the area.

If you live in the Canton or North Canton area, you are sure to be familiar with at least one of Li Asian‘s six flavorful chicken dishes. If you have a taste for a popular dish such as General Tso’s Chicken or Sesame Chicken, your taste buds are in luck! These are two of the most requested dishes here. They both start with tender thigh meat. The General Tso’s is breaded and pan-fried in a tangy brown sauce, while the Sesame Chicken gets a bit of zip after being cooked in a spicy sesame sauce. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, try the Rainbow Chicken or Szechuan Chicken. The Rainbow Chicken teases the taste buds with the flavor of mixed vegetables sautéed in a light white-wine sauce. The Szechuan Chicken dish kicks it up a notch by adding black mushrooms, celery, and garlic to the plate. Any of the chicken dishes is sure to be a hit!

People from Massillon have been known to visit Li Asian Cuisine to try out their tasty specialty wraps and mouthwatering Asian appetizers. The wraps consist of a crisp lettuce exterior filled with your choice of pork, chicken or shrimp. All are prepared with the Li Asian Cuisine special sauce that gives these wraps their amazing flavor. Li Asian Cuisine’s appetizers are almost filling enough to be considered a meal themselves! Some of the featured appetizers include Edamame (fresh soy beans), a tasty Spring Roll or some homemade Won Ton Soup. No matter what you choose, you can believe that you won’t be disappointed by Li Asian’s Asian-inspired meals!

Not only will you be impressed by the food, but by Li Asian Cuisine’s warm and inviting atmosphere as well. If you live in Massillon, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio, be sure to stop by to taste one of their flavorful chicken dishes, specialty wraps, or Asian appetizers to see what everyone is raving about! Li Asian Cuisine is located at 4695 Dressler Rd in Canton, Ohio. Should you wish to make reservations to taste their delicious Asian-inspired meals, call 330.493.9767. It will be a treat for all of your senses! You can also see pictures of their tasty dishes on line at You will be glad you tried them out!

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