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Canton South Eyecare does not just treat your eyes; they treat your vision. If you’re wondering what the difference between eye care and vision care is, read on. Many eye care facilities offer eye exams and fittings for frames. At Canton South Eyecare, their highly skilled staff cares for all aspects of your vision. They are qualified to help with vision correction, general eye health and healing, the treatment of specific eye issues, and even vision therapy.

Most people would agree that regular vision maintenance is necessary, but are you aware of just how much your vision does for you? Here are a few fun facts that you can also find on Canton South Eyecare’s website:

  • Your vision is your second most complex sense.
  • Your vision processes 36,000 bits of information per hour.
  • Your vision is responsible for 85% of what you know.

This is why, at Canton South Eyecare, they believe that “Your success starts with your vision.”

As with most eye exams, the examination at Canton South Eyecare tests your vision. What sets it apart from many other eye care facilities are the extra lengths to which this office goes to test all aspects of your vision: the outside and inside of your eye, as well as your visual skills and abilities. They utilize cutting edge diagnostic technology, and stay on top of emerging techniques and equipment to best serve their patients.

If it is determined that you need corrective lenses, the staff will carefully fit you for the correct size and type of contacts or glasses. Canton South Eyecare’s optical laboratory has the ability to fabricate, maintain, and repair your frames. Additionally, they can tint, coat, harden, and edge your lenses. A few of the special features that you can select include safety lenses, progressive lenses, UV protection, sports lenses, and more.

You can also get your prescription sunglasses at Canton South Eyecare. You can choose from their array of fashionable frames or they can fabricate prescription lenses for a favorite pair of frames that you already own. Prescription sunglasses are more than a luxury—they’re a necessity. According to current studies, 85% of UV related eye and vision damage occurs before the age of eighteen. Start protecting your eyes today!

Because your eyesight is involved in so many aspects of your life and learning, it is imperative to have it evaluated regularly. Canton South Eyecare understands that seeing clearly is not always enough, and even if you do not need corrective lenses, there may be other issues that are affecting your vision and your life. “Seeing” is only one step in the vision process. What your eye has seen must then be interpreted through a series of neurological activities. If there is a misstep in this process, it can result in difficulties with hand-eye coordination. Canton South Eyecare offers Vision Therapy to patients who are experiencing such difficulties to help them improve their hand-eye coordination skills by learning or relearning how to process visual information.

The list of services at Canton South Eyecare doesn’t stop here. Their total vision care approach means that they can assist you in deciding if laser corrective surgery is right for you, and monitor your eyes after the operation should you choose to have it. They can treat and heal eye infections and injuries, and even offer emergency services for these situations. Additionally, the team at Canton South Eyecare treats cataracts, glaucoma, and patients who are risk for diabetic retinopathy.

Stop by their website at or call 330.484.2569 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Nathaniel Leggett for total vision care at Canton South Eyecare today! Don’t forget to look for special savings on before your visit!

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