Cartridge World in North Canton Offers “Green” Fundraising

Cartridge World is thinking green in North Canton, and wants to help local organizations with some green through fundraising. Cartridge World recycles ink and laser printer cartridges, as well as refilling ink and toner cartridges. What’s even better is that local schools, churches, and other organizations can participate in this environmentally friendly endeavor as a fundraiser.

Why is it important to recycle these particular products? Here are a few facts that may make you think twice before tossing them in the trash.

  • Approximately one gallon of oil goes into making a new laser cartridge.
  • In the U.S., roughly eight cartridges are thrown away every second.
  • In North America, over 350 million cartridges are discarded per year. This number is increasing approximately 12 percent each year.
  • When thrown into a landfill, a laser cartridge can take up to 450 years to decompose. Some parts will taker over 1,000 years to decompose.
  • Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic from being deposited in landfills.
  • Currently, 70 percent of used printer cartridges worldwide are thrown out.

These startling statistics can be combated by thinking green. Through the fundraising program, this green comes back to you not only in protecting our planet, but also as funds for your local school, church, or other non-profit organization.

The local fundraising recycling program is exceptionally easy to use, requiring very little work on your end. You simply contact Cartridge World in North Canton to let them know that you’d like to get started. After a small amount of preliminary paperwork, Cartridge World will provide you with collection boxes or bins for ink and laser cartridges.

Parents, students, parishioners, and other visitors can drop off their used ink and laser cartridges at your location. Cartridge World will come pick up the bins as often as is needed—weekly, monthly, more or less—you simply set up a schedule with them.

Once the collected cartridges are back at North Canton’s Cartridge World, they will inspect the products. The price given, per cartridge, to your local community organization is based on current market values, so it may not be the same every time. After everything is totaled up, Cartridge World will provide your church or school with your funds.

For schools participating in the fundraiser, you can also encourage friends and parents to take advantage of Refill Rewards. When you stop into Cartridge World for their outstanding prices, you can still raise money for your school by simply mentioning the sponsored school when you make your purchase.

This is possibly the easiest fundraiser you can participate in, and the returns are immeasurable. You are supporting the future of your organization, as well as the future of our planet by keeping industrial plastics and other materials out of our landfills.

Not looking for a fundraiser? Cartridge World is still worth a visit if you’re not already a loyal customer. They offer extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to repeatedly spending your money on brand new printer consumables. What’s even better is that you do not have to sacrifice quality for these remanufactured products. You will receive the same high performance that you have come to expect from your printer products at significant savings for both your wallet and the planet.

Think green in our local community today by contacting Cartridge World in North Canton by phone at 330.305.1424 or visit their website at

Cartridge World
4901 Portage St. NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Phone: 330.305.1424
Fax: 330.305.1425
Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am – 6pm; Friday 9am – 5pm; Saturday 10am – 4pm.

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