Akers Signs Explains the Benefits of EMCs to Businesses in Youngstown, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Akers Signs_LED LogoSince LED displays were first introduced, sign companies have been praising them as a flexible, affordable, and effective means of advertising for businesses. Electronic message centers (or EMCs) allow businesses to communicate with passersby in a quick and efficient manner, sending out information far beyond what traditional displays are capable of. However, some businesses throughout the Youngstown, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and Wooster, Ohio areas are still unsure as to whether LED signage would be the best advertising solution for their particular needs. To better assist those who are on the fence, Akers Signs strives to inform local businesses of the various benefits that go along with having such a display in place. Continue reading

Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio Offers New Flooring to Homeowners in Need

By Gemma Chriss

Windy Hill Hardwoods_LogoExperts agree that installing new flooring in one’s home is a great way to improve the look and feel of a space. However, it’s important to choose the right flooring product for one’s budget, style, and needs. For those currently thinking about making some upgrades to their North Canton, Ohio or New Franklin, Ohio dwelling, a visit to Windy Hill Hardwoods is an excellent first step. In addition to having a flooring showroom filled with beautiful tile and laminate flooring, this Canal Fulton, Ohio-based establishment has several design professionals on staff that are available to offer helpful recommendations to customers. Working one-on-one with Windy Hill’s associates allows homeowners to find the perfect flooring option for the room(s) they plan to renovate. Continue reading

Akers Signs Continues to Serve Businesses in the Greater Salem, Ohio Area in Need of Digital Signage

Akers Signs_LED LogoBy Gemma Chriss

A number of businesses throughout Columbiana, Ohio; Lisbon, Ohio; and beyond are familiar with Akers Signs’ work. This local sign company has been providing commercial clients with sign installation and repair for nearly fifty years, expanding their offerings over time. Since the introduction of digital signage, Akers Signs has gone above and beyond in order to better serve those clients in need of LED signs. In addition to welcoming a new sign technician and expanding their fleet of service trucks, Akers Signs brought on a full-time service manager to oversee the team. These recent changes will undoubtedly prove beneficial to businesses located in the greater Salem, Ohio area that are looking for a way to bring in new customers.

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Individuals Find Pet Friendly Carpet and More at Stoller Floors in Orrville, Ohio

Stoller Floors_LogoBy Fiona Vernon

For years, Stoller Floors has been providing homeowners in Barberton and throughout the region with a great selection of quality flooring from some of the leading flooring manufacturers. Today, this local flooring store at 1773 N. Main in Orrville, Ohio continues to help individuals find the ideal carpet for their home by incorporating some of the latest flooring products available from their trusted brands into their showroom. One type of flooring they’re offering this season is SmartStrand Forever Clean by Mohawk.

SmartStrand Forever Clean is a pet friendly carpet that is designed to take away some of the worry many homeowners have when it comes to installing carpeting into their home. This is because SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only carpet that has new Nanoloc spill technology. With this innovative new carpet feature, SmartStrand Forever Clean makes it easy to clean spills and other debris quickly and efficiently without leaving stains behind. Furthermore, this affordable carpet is the only one on the market that has permanent built-in stain and soil protection that doesn’t wear off or wash off over time. This –coupled with this name brand flooring’s exceptional durability—is what helps preserve its style and appearance throughout the years.

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Call FourM Property Services LLC of Alliance, Ohio for Ice Control and Snow Plowing This Winter

FourM Property_LogoThough you undoubtedly did your best to ignore it, the fact is that winter has officially arrived. Like everyone else around the Canton, Ohio and Salem, Ohio areas, you’ll be spending the next few months outside, scraping ice off your car windows and shoveling snow from your sidewalk. Needless to say, it’s shaping up to be a pretty miserable season. Fortunately, there is one piece of good news. All of that back-breaking labor you have to perform just to keep the surfaces around your home clear? You don’t have to handle it on your own! Since property maintenance is what they do best, the professionals from FourM Property Services LLC are more than qualified to provide you with the winter snow service you need. Not only can this Alliance, Ohio-based landscaping business use their heavy-duty equipment to make snow plowing a breeze, but they can also eliminate any worries you may have about ice control.

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Contact Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio for Dead Wood Removal and More this Fall!

hollingerlogoAs fall approaches, we begin to notice the leaves of our trees changing color and shedding as they do each year. During this process, however, dead wood that needs to be removed – as well as any damaged or diseased limbs—can become more noticeable. Although you could wait until spring to have these damaged portions removed from your tree, the truth is that these limbs could cause just as much damage to your property during a winter storm as a summer storm. With this in mind, contact the professionals of Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio to assist with your tree needs.

Through years of experience with urban tree care and more, these tree specialists are happy to provide you with dead wood removal services and more to help reduce the chances of your tree causing storm damage to your Akron, Ohio property during a heavy snow this winter. If the tree on your Massillon, Ohio or Minerva, Ohio property has limbs extending over your home, consider investing in other professional tree trimming from Hollinger Tree Service as well. Some of these additional trimming services include tree height reduction, shaping, and thinning.

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For Storm Debris Clearing and More, Contact Hollinger Tree Services near East Sparta, Ohio!

hollingerlogoThunderstorms are common in the Stark County, Ohio area and rarely bring with them a great deal of damage. However, unexpectedly strong storms can cause dying trees, damaged tree limbs, and other tree materials to scatter across your yard. In severe cases, dead trees and tree limbs can cause additional storm debris by crashing into buildings across your property and more! Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners don’t have the time, personnel, or tools to properly clear storm debris and downed trees from their property when this happens.

Instead of trying to remove heavy storm debris from your residential or commercial property this season, contact the professionals of Hollinger Tree Service near East Sparta, Ohio. With their help, you can have your property cleared of fallen tree limbs and other storm debris that high winds and heavy rains may have brought down onto your Canal Fulton, Ohio property.  In fact, Hollinger Tree Service offers tree removal services as part of their storm debris clearing process. This way, these tree care specialists can ensure that your property is properly cleared of all unwanted storm debris—especially fallen trees! Of course, some potentially hazardous trees can be removed from your property through tree clearing services from Hollinger Tree Service before the next severe storm can bring them down. In this way, these professional tree services can help better protect your property from tree debris in the future.

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Need Tree Debris Removal for Your Home or Business? Contact Hollinger Tree Service in Canton!

When you think of storm damage, you often think of the damages that have been done to your home or business’ windows, siding, and other exterior features. However, storm damage can affect the trees on your Massillon, Ohio property just as much as your home or business during the summer months. In some cases, your tree is the cause of the storm damage your property has incurred! Whether you need a few fallen tree limbs removed from your Louisville, Ohio property or need an entire tree removed after a storm this summer, Hollinger Tree Service is the place to call.

For years, these knowledgeable tree specialists in Canton, Ohio have been providing commercial tree removal and residential tree removal services for clients throughout the region. Not only do they assist with removing fallen trees from your North Canton, Ohio property, but large tree limbs and other tree debris as well. After all, you may not have the equipment necessary to properly break down and remove tree limbs and other debris that has fallen across your property on your own. Hollinger Tree Service understands this, and that is why they are happy to offer these tree debris removal services and more.

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Add a Garden Pond or Wooden Deck to Your Kent, Ohio Backyard with Help from FourM Property Services LLC

If you’re looking to make a significant change to your Kent, Ohio or Green, Ohio backyard, you may want to consider hiring a professional landscaper rather than attempting to handle the project on your own. With help from a company that specializes in property management services, not only can you save yourself a lot of time and hassle, but you can do much more with your outdoor space. Contacting the team from FourM Property Services LLC, for example, will allow you to obtain assistance with more complicated projects such as deck construction and water feature installation. Since this local company has created wooden decks and garden ponds for a number of homeowners throughout the greater Louisville, Ohio area, they’re the ideal choice for your own summer landscaping project.

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Increase Privacy and Control Sunlight in Your Canton, Ohio Home with Window Treatments from Stoller Floors

Many homeowners are under the assumption that there are very few options when it comes to window treatments. In reality, there are dozens of choices beyond the traditional curtains, blinds, and shades that we’re all familiar with. If you’ve been looking for an affordable yet aesthetically pleasing way to increase privacy and block out sunlight from your Canton, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio home, you may be interested to learn that Stoller Floors has a wide assortment of window coverings in their showroom near Wooster, Ohio. With mini blinds, faux wood blinds, pleated shades, cellular/honeycomb shades, top down bottom up shades, and more, Stoller Floors is the go-to place for all of your window decorating needs.

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