Impress Mom this Mother’s Day with Hanging Flower Baskets from Lafayette Forest Nursery near Massillon

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, leaving many looking for the perfect gift for that special woman in their life. Right now, Lafayette Forest Nursery offers a variety of great products to invest in as a gift for Mother’s Day or to enhance your own Massillon, Ohio property. From hanging flower baskets to edging materials, this boutique nursery offers an exceptional variety of affordable garden flowers and more to enhance your Barberton, Ohio or Wadsworth, Ohio property. They even provide mulch delivery for added convenience! However, if you’re interested in creating something truly unique for your wife or mother this Mother’s Day, consider bringing in a pot of your choosing and arranging them a beautiful pot of flowers at one of the potting benches of Lafayette Forest Nursery. With such a large selection of perennials and annuals to choose from, you’ll be able to create a Mother’s Day gift unlike any other in the Jackson Township, Ohio area.

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Finish up Your Fall Decorating with a Trip to Lafayette Forest Nursery near North Canton, Ohio

If there’s one seasonal project that Green, Ohio and Canton, Ohio natives can’t get enough of, it’s fall decorating. With pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, dry corn stalks, and mum flowers, you can create a beautiful display in your front yard that perfectly demonstrates your love for fall. And luckily for you, all the materials you need to spruce up your outdoor space can be found at Lafayette Forest Nursery, along with many other products and services. Though this local garden center near North Canton, Ohio may be closing up shop at the end of this month, there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of their autumn specials. Not only can you pick up popular fall plants, but you can also get some discounted trees and shrubs to add a little something extra to your flower beds. Plus, you can even enlist the help of Lafayette Forest Nursery’s staff for pruning and winterizing your plants before the cold hits!

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Plants Survive Winter with Affordable Landscaping Services by Lafayette Forest Nursery in Canal Fulton, Ohio

You’ve spent months cultivating the perfect landscape. Now, it’s time to turn your attention to protecting plants and nurturing trees you’d like to see flourish again next spring. This applies to flowering perennials in North Canton, Ohio, ornamental trees in Jackson Township, Ohio, and fruit bearing plants in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Consider it winter gardening, and know that the detail oriented experts at Lafayette Forest Nursery can do it for you. With affordable landscaping services available to residential and commercial customers in Stark County, Ohio, they can help you avoid winter wither.

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Create a Unique Miniature Garden in Your Alliance, Ohio Home with Help from Manda’s Plant Farm

Source: Southern Living

Though the prime time for planting has passed, there’s no reason you should feel as though you have to say goodbye to your greenery already. Indoor gardens are a great way to bring nature into your Massillon, Ohio or Alliance, Ohio home in an easy, hassle-free way. And as it turns out, Manda’s Plant Farm near North Canton, Ohio can help get you started on your miniature garden project with Itty Bitty plants, glassware, expert tips, and more. With help from Manda’s Plant Farm, you can create your very own garden terrarium that will be able to survive throughout the seasons. Interested? Then why not take a moment to learn more about the vintage gardening trend that’s back in style and how it can help you get some use of your green thumb all year round?

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Make Your Wooster, Ohio Garden Pop with Perennial Flowers and More from Manda’s Plant Farm!

Many people assume that once we hit the middle of July, there are few (if any) chances of successful summer planting. With the high temperatures and stifling humidity, it seems that pollinators are unlikely to visit your Wooster, Ohio or Canton, Ohio garden. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, if you’re not pleased with the look of your flower beds and you’re hoping to find a way to fill them out, there are plenty of quality hydrangeas, garden shrubbery and other perennial flowers that you can incorporate into your bare landscape. The staff members at Manda’s Plant Farm are very well-versed in plants, so they can give you all the information you need to make your garden pop even during the summertime! Why not visit this local garden center near Barberton, Ohio to talk to Manda’s associates and select a few plants to improve your garden’s appearance before fall arrives?

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For Affordable Wildlife Seed Blends for Your Wayne County, Ohio Area, Contact Merit Seed!

Although many don’t realize it, summer can be the perfect time to plant your forage plot—especially if you’re looking to attract deer this coming hunting season! Although it’s still early to be considering hunting season, it’s always good to plan ahead. Even if you’re not a hunter, you can still support your local white-tail deer and other wildlife with Merit Seed’s quality forage seed. These premium wildlife food plot seed mixes can act as an attractive deer food plot on your Wayne County, Ohio property so you can nature watch or just help your local ecosystem thrive. Whatever reason you may have for creating a forage plot, know that Merit Seed has the affordable wildlife seed blends you need. From their Wilderness Mix to their Beet Max seed blend, you can find the quality blend your Mount Eaton, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio residence needs at Merit Seed!

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Learn How to Make Handmade Garden Accessories near Dalton at Manda’s Plant Farm this Summer!

Are you a garden enthusiast? If so, then you know what a beautiful garden can do for your Canton, Ohio home’s exterior! However, instead of putting those store bought figures in your garden this summer, consider taking part in the concrete classes at Manda’s Plant Farm! During these classes, you’ll be able to create concrete garden accessories to enhance your Dalton, Ohio garden’s appearance! These classes include learning how to make hypertufa troughs, fairy houses, and to make leaf castings! However, you don’t have to visit Manda’s Plant Farm just for the classes. As a matter of fact, Manda’s Plant Farm offers a variety of plants for gardening beginners and experts alike! Could your Wadsworth, Ohio residence use a few more plants on the premises? Manda’s Plant Farm has it all! They even offer a variety of miniature garden accessories to enhance the mini garden you’ve wanted to start this year. To learn how to start your miniature garden or to pick up a few plants for your residence, visit the experts at Manda’s Plant Farm!

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Make a Miniature Garden and Get Hanging Baskets for Mother’s Day at Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio

There is a lot of attention on gardens this time of year. It can be an exciting time for homeowners. But what about people who don’t have free range outside? Renters, people short on free time, and formerly avid gardeners who now live in nursing homes, for instance. Lots of folks are left out of the typical garden. But with the help of Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio, they don’t have to be without a garden. Manda’s Plant Farm is the source of vegetable plants for people around Clinton, Ohio; Orrville, Ohio; and Barberton, Ohio. They also have mini plants and tips on how to create a terrarium which is commonly called a miniature garden and able to thrive indoors. And just in time for Mother’s Day, Manda’s Plant Farm has hanging baskets filled with flowers in bloom.

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Flowers by Pat Is Creating Massillon’s Most Unique Arrangements

Flowers by Pat in Massillon, Ohio creates stunning floral arrangements that generate many repeat customers. The key to these creative arrangements is the focal point, and we don’t mean a particular flower. At Flowers by Pat, it is the customer who is at the center of every arrangement.

Whether you need a unique arrangement for a birthday or anniversary, condolence or thinking of you, whatever flowers you select will be carefully arranged to send the message that you intend, and to brighten the day of the recipient. They will see from the time and care put into your gift how important they are to you. This is what Flowers by Pat in Massillon excels at—putting people first. Continue reading