Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton County, Ohio Finds Underlying Causes of Asthma Symptoms

If you’re living with asthma in Stark County, Ohio (or North Canton, Ohio, or anywhere else), then you’re probably familiar with most of your asthma triggers. So, what happens with you haven’t been exposed to any of those triggers, you don’t have a cold that could exacerbate things, and yet your asthma flares up anyway? Do you just chalk it up to a random occurrence and move on? What if it happens again? You head off to see Dr. Given or Jen and the wonderful team at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio to see what’s going on and find the underlying cause of your asthma symptoms. What you discover during the course of your visit is that you may be experiencing a domino effect with a cause that may or may not actually be related to your asthma: GERD.

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Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine: A Higher Standard of Personalized Medical Care in Stark County, Ohio

Dr. John T. Given of Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine understands that what is and what should be don’t always match up. For example, every physician should aspire to something greater than “standard” care, but that’s not always the case.  Fortunately, it is for Dr. Given.  It is the goal of Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine to provide relief to each and every patient. This goal cannot always be accomplished by convention, and it may well be the willingness of Dr. Given and his staff to explore alternatives with asthma medication management and personalized medical care that gives them such a high success rate with their patients from Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and throughout Stark County, Ohio. Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Assists COPD & Asthma Sufferers with Effects of Heat & Humidity in Stark County, Ohio Area

If you’ve lived in the Stark County, Ohio area for longer than a few days, then you know that unusual weather is nothing, well, unusual. The fluctuating barometric pressure and temperature is par for the course. This summer, however, feels like a record-breaker, and it’s not even August yet! How can we have so much moisture in the air, but still experience a drought? Well, if it could happen anywhere, it’s Canton, Ohio. The real question is, how has the humidity affected you? If you’re living with asthma or COPD, simply walking outside of your Alliance, Ohio home may cause you to feel as though you’re working for every breath. Dr. John T. Given and the caring staff at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine have some advice to help you still enjoy your summer while monitoring the effects of heat and humidity on asthma and COPD. Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Is Enrolling for Pediatric Asthma, COPD, & Other Studies in the Stark County, Ohio Area!

Whether you’re fighting the flu or battling a flare up from a chronic condition like asthma or COPD, there are few things that are as discomfiting and sometimes even frightening than struggling to breathe. For children dealing with pediatric asthma, it can be even more unsettling.  The high temperatures and even higher humidity of the past few weeks in Stark County, Ohio and surrounding areas have been challenging for those living with these illnesses. But, there’s good news! Strides are being made through clinical trials and research studies to defeat these conditions, and breakthroughs are on the horizon right here in Northeast Ohio. At Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio, under the guidance of Dr. John T. Given, the hard work of the research staff is paying off. The bad news? Well, it’s not actually “bad,” but these brilliant professionals cannot do everything on their own: they need your help! Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Helps You to Recharge with Healing, Restorative Sleep in the Massillon and North Canton, Ohio Areas

The professionals at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio work with patients in Massillon, Ohio, North Canton, Ohio, and throughout the Stark County, Ohio area to improve their day-to-day living by helping them to overcome sleep issues and achieve healing, restorative sleep.

Have you had to call technical support for your computer? If you have, you know the first thing they’re going to ask you, right? “Have you tried turning it off, and then turning it back on again?” And it’s not just computers. As soon as something with a rechargeable battery or a motor begins to malfunction—television, cell phone, even our cars—the first thing we do is turn it off and turn it back on. What’s really funny about that is how often it actually works! So, why is that? Well, it’s kind of like hitting the reset button. In fact, sometimes, it’s literally a matter of hitting a reset button. When you reset, restart, turn off and back on, it’s a way of allowing the device to take a momentary break from all of those background processes, and start fresh (and hopefully, correctly). But, did you know that the human body has its own kind of reset button? It’s your sleep cycle, and Dr. John T. Given and the staff at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine want to make sure that yours is the best it can be. Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Has Cleaning Tips Reduce Allergens and Help Control Your Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

Spring cleaning season may have technically passed, but some of us put off that big cleaning project until this time of year: garage sale season! It’s so much easier to get to all of those nooks and crannies once you’ve had a chance to purge all of those little things that are ready for a new home. However, if you suffer from respiratory difficulties like indoor allergies and asthma, spring cleaning can be extra miserable for you. Luckily, if you live in the Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio area, you have someplace like Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine to turn to when your symptoms become unbearable.

There are also measures that you can take to prevent your allergy symptoms or asthma symptoms from becoming overwhelming, or even mildly irritating, when performing your deep spring cleaning or general cleanup. Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine: Your Jackson Township, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio Area Allergy Specialists!

Are you sitting at your computer? Well, of course you are. Try this: pull up just about any search engine, and type in “allergies.” It’s amazing how many sites come up, and how much conflicting information you can find there. If you live in the Jackson Township, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio area, the internet is not the place to find answers. Instead, try your local allergy specialists at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio.

It’s kind of funny, right? Here we are telling you not to believe everything you read on the internet, and we’re using the internet to tell you! But, it’s the truth. There are plenty of reputable sites that contain reliable and helpful information.  It’s not always of question of accuracy or whether or not the information is right, but rather is it the right information for you? Allergens vary by region, as do peak seasons—there are far too many factors to name. So, instead of relying on vast generalizations or information that is meant for someone else, somewhere else, why not talk to a local expert? Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Wants You to Stop Tolerating and Start Treating Your Asthma & COPD Symptoms in Canton, Ohio

Wheezing and sneezing? Itchy eyes and nose? Short of breath or feel tightness in your chest? All of these are symptoms of allergies, asthma, and COPD. Could it be something else? Sure, but why not find out for sure with a trip to Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio? Dr. John T. Given and his staff specialize in these conditions, and in working toward long term relief and healing through a variety of treatment methods.

Have you made your appointment yet? Why not? It could be that you fall into what Dr. Given refers to as the “tolertator” category. What is a tolerator? Just what it sounds like: someone who simply tolerates their symptoms without seeking treatment. If you just asked, “so, what’s wrong with that?” then you almost certainly fall into the allergy, asthma, and COPD tolerator category! Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Invites Canton Community to Join COPD & Asthma Research Studies

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine recently participated in the 2012 Senior Expo in Canton, Ohio with great success. Two members of the Research Department, Mel and Chris, represented the practice, and offered free blood pressure screenings and breathing tests. The purpose of their participation was to reach out to members of the community who may not have aware of services that are available and the allergy, asthma, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) research studies and clinical trials that are being conducted at this local office.

In addition to participating in community events, the Research Department at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine is keeping very busy with a multitude of clinical trials and research studies. The work being conducted at this Canton practice will benefit not only members of the local community, but the larger community of people who suffer from asthma, COPD, allergies, and other conditions that impair breathing. Old or young, West Coast native or born and raised on the Eastern seaboard, sufferer or practitioner, these illnesses and conditions, and their treatments, unite people. As responsible members of that community, Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine takes their role very seriously, and dedicates itself to helping as many people as possible by exploring everything from underlying causes to new or alternative treatment methods. Continue reading

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Explains Corticosteroid & Other Allergy Treatments

In the previous Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine blog, you learned a little about the difference between treating your Northeast Ohio seasonal allergies with over the counter medications versus allergy shots. Now, it’s time to explore other treatment options, such as corticosteroid therapy, and their pros and cons.

You know from the last blog that use of over the counter antihistamines and decongestants can be beneficial because they begin to work relatively quickly, as opposed to long-term treatment programs like allergy shots. The end goal with allergy shots is to treat the underlying cause of your seasonal allergies, not the symptoms. When administered by professionals like those at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, an allergy shot program can actually lead to several seasons where you will be virtually allergy free. The same cannot be said for other medicines, particularly those that can be purchased over the counter. In fact, long term use of some of these medicines can actually be harmful. For example, extended use of decongestant nasal spray will eventually damage the nasal membranes causing new problems to arise, and making treatment more difficult. Continue reading