Home Pure Innovations Provides the Newest Way to Heat and Cook Your Meals That’s Healthy and Safe

We’ve all heard about the hazards of microwaves through our local newspapers, online articles and even on some of our favorite daytime talk shows. But as busy as our daily lives are in Summit County, Ohio, who really has the time to waste on conventional cooking? It just so happens that Home Pure Innovations in Akron, Ohio has an alternative cooking method that could be just what you need to invest in for your Tallmadge, Ohio home, the Macrowave by Hot Logic. But when it comes to microwaves versus macrowaves, which one really is the safest means of cooking?

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Say Goodbye to Allergies, Odors and Bacteria with Home Pure Innovations’ Whole House Air Purifiers!

When it comes to our health we know what to expect depending on the season. In winter, we can expect to suffer from the common cold and the flu, while in the spring, we stock up on antihistamines to battle those dreaded allergies. But what many of us don’t realize is that we could minimize many of our health problems by investing in an air purifier to help improve our Stark County, Ohio home air quality. Luckily for us, the experts at Home Pure Innovations in Canton, Ohio are knowledgeable on not only the benefits of clean air, but also on which air purifiers that would serve to safely purify the air of your Uniontown, Ohio home.

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Home Pure Innovations: Is Your Vacuum Leaving Behind More Than It’s Actually Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what is lurking under the surface of your carpet? Choosing the right vacuum for your Canal Fulton, Ohio home is no easy task. Carpets come in different textures and styles and not every vacuum is going to work best for the carpet in your Stark County, Ohio home. Whether you have children who constantly spill things on your carpet or have trouble with finding the correct vacuum to help with your pet hair removal, the folks at Home Pure Innovations located in Canton, Ohio, have some helpful guidelines for determining the best vacuum cleaner for you and your home!

When it comes to choosing the right vacuum for your Stark County home, you must first consider the type of flooring you have. Obviously, hardwood floors aren’t in need of a vacuum that is geared towards deep cleaning. If your Canal Fulton home is mainly carpeted, the thickness and quality of the carpet is a huge factor in which vacuum you should choose. Also, if you are a pet owner, the type of pet you have can greatly impact your choice as you should invest in a vacuum that will help with pet hair removal.

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Home Pure Innovations Offers the Secret to Slashing Your Heating Bills!

Now that winter weather has engulfed the Stark County, Ohio region, many residents fear their upcoming heating bills. Despite your best efforts to cut your energy costs, with low temperatures comes high energy bills. At Home Pure Innovations located in North Canton, Ohio you will discover the answer to all your heating problems: infrared heaters. You may have seen for the ads for EdenPure heaters, but do you know the benefits of using infrared heat in your Massillon, Ohio home?

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Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Glowing, Amish-Style Infrared Fireplace from Home Pure Innovations

One of the best things about winter in North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and Alliance, Ohio is cuddling up next to the fireplace while it snows outside. One of the safest ways to do that this winter is with an infrared fireplace. A LifeSmart Entertainment Center fireplace will give you the warmth you want without any of the harmful gases. Home Pure Innovations can help heat your home with their infrared fireplaces and LifeSmart Entertainment Center fireplaces. Unlike the common Amish fireplaces, Home Pure Innovations’ infrared fireplaces emit enough heat to fill the room.

An infrared fireplace will keep your North Canton, Massillon, or Alliance home heated this winter. An infrared fireplace emits clean, ultra efficient and evenly distributed heat up to an eight hundred square feet room. You are able to adjust your heat based on your warmth preference. A feature you cannot do with a log burning fireplace. When your room gets too hot with a log burning fireplace, you either need to shut the fireplace off or find a way to air out your room, making relaxing with a comfortable temperature a hassle. Adjusting your own heat temperature allows you to save money while heating your home. You can personalize heating your home, deciding how much you want to spend. Unlike most Amish fireplaces, an infrared fireplace from Home Pure Innovations can heat an entire room. Many buyers of the Amish fireplace find themselves disappointed in the lack of heat emitted from their new fireplace.

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Stark County, Ohio’s Fireplaces & More Offer Vented Gas Logs That Maintain Heat during Power Outages

Winter is officially here and with that comes the threat of a snow storm moving into the Stark County, Ohio region. Winter weather can be beautiful, but with snow and ice comes the possibility of a storm that knocks out power in the North Canton, Ohio area. The last thing you want to worry about is how you will have heat during a power outage. Fireplaces & More, located in Uniontown, Ohio and with over 24 years of experience, is the area’s leading provider of vent free gas logs and their solution for all of your concerns for emergency heating is the Napoleon FiberGlow.

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