Choose Classic Auto Glass for Molding Repair and Replacement on Your Stark County, Ohio Vehicle

While older vehicles may be more likely to suffer from all sorts of cosmetic and technical flaws, the truth is that any automobile can develop a problem if it spends a lot of time on the road. Sure, chips and breaks in the glass are easy to spot, but what about the issues that aren’t as noticeable? Gaps in your window frame often go unchecked until you hear an obvious whistling when you’re on the road. By then, the leak might be large enough to let in rainwater! And really, how often do you look at the molding around your windows and doors? If the rubber has started to crack and peel, it’s not giving your car the insulation it should. But even if discover that your Massillon, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio automobile is suffering from one of these minor issues, it can be easily fixed by Classic Auto Glass. This Canton, Ohio business can provide leak testing and repair, as well as molding repair and replacement on any vehicle in the Stark County, Ohio area!

If you do happen to hear a whistling noise coming from your car door, it’s safe to say you probably have a gap around your window that is letting air escape. But isolating the area is easier said than done! Unless you want to drive around with duct tape around your entire window frame, it’s probably best to get leak testing and repair from a professional. Fortunately, Classic Auto Glass is an expert in all things auto glass! By giving this Canton business a call, you can have their experienced technicians locate the leak and fix it in a jiffy!

Did you check out the molding around the windows and doors of your Massillon or North Canton vehicle yet? Well you should! Even though this is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, your car will not be properly insulated if the rubber material is old and cracked. And if the rubber begins to slide off in the inside of your door, it can make opening and closing the windows a challenge! Instead of putting it off until the last minute, have Classic Auto Glass perform the molding repair and replacement now.

Not sure you want to drive to Classic Auto Glass just to have these small tasks performed in the shop? You don’t have to! Classic Auto Glass knows how valuable your time is, which is why the technicians will stop by your home in the Stark County area to do the leak testing and repair or molding repair and replacement that your car needs!

So, if the molding around your vehicle glass is cracked, or you hear a distinctive whistling noise coming from your windows, give Classic Auto Glass a call at 330.484.0597. This Canton, Ohio business can provide leak testing and repair, as well as molding repair and replacement for your Massillon, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio automobile. Plus, they can perform virtually any service right in your driveway! Now that’s convenient! To find out more about Classic Auto Glass Inc. and all of the great services they offer the entire Stark County, Ohio area, visit their website at

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