Classic Auto Glass Has Your Windshield Stone Chips & Scratches Tips

Did you know that it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in the state of Ohio? Classic Auto Glass in Canton wants to make sure that you don’t find out about this regulation the hard way by ridding you of stone chips and scratches on your windshield!

A stone chip may not seem like a very big deal. It’s just a small spot on a big windshield, right? However, that small flaw can become a much larger problem if it isn’t attended to in a timely manner. It may take months or it could happen relatively quickly, especially if exposed to extreme temperature changes (which is not an unlikely scenario in Ohio), but eventually that stone chip will become a crack. When that happens, you are not only looking at a more expensive repair or windshield replacement: you may also be looking at a fine or other penalty from the state if you get pulled over. Save your time and your money, and have your stone chip repaired before it becomes a bigger problem.

If it is already too late, and your stone chip has grown into a large crack or you have irreparable scratches on your windshield, don’t despair. Many people panic at the thought of replacing their windshield because they are intimidated by the cost of such a venture. Classic Auto Glass wants you to know that it may not be as bad as you think it is. After receiving free, no obligation quotes from Classic Auto Glass, many people are relieved to find that the cost to replace their windshield is not nearly as high as they had originally feared.

Another potential hazard to your windshield that is often overlooked is windshield wiper blades. It may be difficult to believe that something so seemingly innocuous could necessitate the replacement of your windshield, but it is possible.  There are several different ways in which wipers can scratch your windshield.  These scratches and/or gouges cannot be repaired, and your windshield will need to be replaced.

The first rule of thumb is to keep your windshield as clean as possible. If there is any debris, sap buildup, or grit on the windshield, the next time your run your wipers, it can become caught beneath them and cause unsightly scratches. Check your windshield regularly for this type of buildup, and wash it by hand first if you notice it.

The experts also say that it’s good idea is to never run your windshield wipers dry. Sadly this can be unavoidable. How many times have you suddenly forgotten where your turn signal or headlight controls are, and turned the wipers on? It has probably happened to everyone at least once. However, if you’re following the first rule of keeping your windshield clean and free of debris, then your risk of scratches are reduced. Also, to avoid inadvertently running your wipers dry, be sure to regularly check your windshield washer fluid level!

The final suggestion is to inspect your windshield wipers on a regular basis. If they are worn or if the blades are not properly connected, the metal parts could come into contact with your windshield. Even if it’s raining, the metal clips or other parts of the wiper can still leave you with scratches that cannot be repaired.

If you have any type of damage to your windshield—stone chips, scratches, or something else—pay a visit to Classic Auto Glass, and let the experts take a look. They will be able to advise you on your best course of action, whether it is repair or replacement. No matter the “diagnosis,” you and your windshield will receive the best service at Canton’s best prices!

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