Classic Auto Glass Offers Windshield Service and Repairs Stone Chips in Canton, Ohio and Canton South

Drivers in the Canton, Ohio and Canton South areas beware! If you are driving with a cracked windshield, you are in violation of Ohio state law and could receive a ticket! Don’t let your windshield cost you more that it has to: call or stop by Classic Auto Glass located in Canton, Ohio today! Your windshield service and inspection should be a part of regular maintenance on your car. Sadly, most drivers simply ignore stone chips until it’s too late! Preventative maintenance can save you hundreds…you wouldn’t let your oil go for a year without changing it…so why have you been staring at that stone chip in front of you all year?

Here are some tips to determine when it is time to call Classic Auto Glass. The first and obvious sign, if the chip or crack interferes with your ability to drive, you must get auto glass service immediately! This can be dangerous to not only you, but other drivers on the road. First, check your spare change to measure your stone chip; if it is smaller than a quarter, the damage usually can be fixed without taking out your windshield and replacing it with a new one. If it has already grown into a crack, it will need to be replaced. Luckily, at Classic Auto Glass, replacing your windshield won’t break the bank. Next, keep your car out of the sun. Heat building up in your car weakens your windshield and causes your chips and crack to worsen. Also, if you have an existing chip, protect it against dirt! Once dirt gets in, it becomes even more difficult to repair.

When you have a stone chip or a crack in the windshield of your Canton South vehicle, here are some things you do not want to do! As stated before, do not ignore the problem! Schedule your appointment for windshield service with Classic Auto Glass in Canton ASAP! If left unrepaired, small chips or cracks can turn into a big bulls-eye on your windshield. Do not wash your vehicle…as with dirt, water affecting an area that has been damaged can cause your window to crack further. Also, extreme temperatures applied to your windshield when it is in a weakened condition can lead to an almost instant expansion of the stone chip into a crack. Remember, never to blast your air conditioner on a hot summer day or turn your defroster on high in the winter…gradual increases in temperature is the way to go! And finally, if you have a windshield in need of service, DO NOT take it to a local mechanic for repair! Auto glass service should be performed by specialists, like those at Class Auto Glass!

So, if you are out and about, driving with a shattered, chipped, or cracked windshield in the Canton South, Ohio area…STOP! Program your GPS to give you directions to Classic Auto Glass. They are located on 4413 Cleveland Avenue Southwest in Canton, Ohio…or give them a call at 330-484-0597. And since you are reading this right now…why not log on to A few seconds of your time could save you hundreds down the road!

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