Classic Auto Glass Provides Quality Motor Home Glass Repair to Northeast Ohio

Even though Northeast Ohio is experiencing some fine winter weather this spring, soon enough warmer weather will be upon us. With the prospect of warmer weather just around the corner, a lot of people are excitedly planning their first camping or road trip of the season. Of course, before you pack your bags and hit the road, it’s important to have your RV fully serviced just to ensure it’s in tip top condition for your trip. Of course, to fully ensure the safety and comfort for you and your family, you should have everything from a tune-up to even having your seals of your windows inspected. Fortunately for those in the Akron, Ohio area, Classic Auto Glass in Canton, Ohio is one of the few places in the area that specialized in motor home glass repair. Regardless if the windshield of your RV is in need of replacing or you just want to do a standard leak test, their team of experienced skilled technicians are available to help you get your RV road ready in no time!

When it comes to servicing your RV, everyone tends to think of the obvious: check the tires, tune-up the engine, oil change, check the batteries, service the propane and fresh water systems, etc. But how many actually think about having the glass on their motor home checked?

The windshield of most vehicles serves as an important safety element and plays a valuable role in protecting us. The windshield serves as boundary for your passenger side air bag. Its presence ensures the air bag deploys in the correct direction and without it, that airbag is utterly useless. A properly bonded windshield will serve to keep you from flying out of your vehicle, but it will also serves to absorb the impact and not completely shatter should you ever find yourself in an accident.

Most people understand that windshields protect them from being ejected from the vehicle during an accident, but how many of you know that it actually serves as structural support for your roof? In fact, your windshield provides as much as 60% (percentage is less for motor homes) of the structural support for your vehicle. Something as simple as a crack in it can serve as a weakness in an accident and cause the roof to cave in.

That’s a scary thought but it doesn’t have to be a reality. Finding a quality motor home glass repair shop in Northeast Ohio can be difficult, in fact most standard glass repair shops lack the experience needed to provide such a service. Fortunately, in the greater Akron area, you can turn to the glass technicians at Classic Auto Glass in Canton for help. With over 30 years of experience in the auto glass business, they serve as the area’s leading provider of top quality auto glass repair for all types of motor vehicles, including everything from leak testing and repairing or replacing your RV’s windshield.

Before you take off out of the Akron, Ohio/Canton, Ohio region this spring, the folks at Classic Auto Glass want you to remember to have the glass in your motor home inspected as you get your RV serviced. Regardless if the glass in your motor home is in need of minor repair such as having a chip fixed or if your RV’s windshield is in need of replacing, when it comes to auto glass repair, you can trust they will provide you only the best and most affordable service, parts and materials in all of Northeast Ohio. With them at your disposal, you can rest easy as you pack up for your next cross country drive! For more information about their services visit their website: or contact them at 330.484.0597.

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