Complete Your Spring Cleaning with the Innovated Sonic Technology of Home Pure Innovations’ Soniclean

Warmer weather in the greater Massillon, Ohio area means the time has come to embark on that chore we dread each spring: spring cleaning. In a time when you find yourself up to your eyes in dirt and dust, the last thing you want to have happen is for that trusty vacuum of yours to go kaput. Fortunately, if you are from the Stark County, Ohio area, you can stop mourning that old dust buster and head on into Home Pure Innovations in Canton, Ohio to purchase the best vacuum found on the market: the Soniclean. This light weight vacuum cleaner out performs the rest with its sleek design and innovated sonic technology that is guaranteed to help get even the toughest pieces of dirt and dust out of your carpet!

Beneath the surface of the carpet in your Massillon home, lies a plethora of pet hair, dirt, dust and all sorts of other hidden particles that will serve to agitate your allergies. Dealing with all the pollen in the air during spring is bad enough with the help from the stuff hidden within the fibers of your carpet. The experts at Home Pure Innovations can tell you, that when it comes to finding that perfect vacuum to assist you with your spring cleaning, you must consider the following qualities: agitation, powerful suction, strong airflow and proper filtration. You can find all of this and more in their Soniclean vacuum.

As you have probably seen on TV, the Soniclean’s suction is so powerful it can lift 150 pounds of weight and yet this light weight vacuum only weighs in at a little over 10 pounds, making it easy to transport around your Stark County home! Between the powerful suction and its innovated sonic technology that loosens even the deepest and most ground-in dirt and dust, anything hidden in your carpet doesn’t have a fighting chance. With its convenient fragrance pods, you will never again have to worry about that musty vacuum smell filling your home every time you vacuum. Gone are the days of worrying about tearing up your belt or motor by accidentally suctioning up something you shouldn’t. The Soniclean is equipped with a sophisticated jam protection feature that will save your motor and belt from damage.

Before you embark on spring cleaning your Massillon, Ohio home this year, head on into one of the Home Pure Innovations locations in Canton, Ohio and Akron, Ohio to pick up the best vacuum you will ever use. Dirt will not stand a chance against this light weight vacuum’s sonic technology and powerful suction. When you purchase your very own Soniclean, you will receive a Soniclean portable canister vacuum valued at $119 for free! So toss out old faithful that tends to leave more behind than it picks up and head into Stark County, Ohio hub for the most innovated products on the market and ensure your carpet never hides anything from you again!

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