Contact Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio for Dead Wood Removal and More this Fall!

hollingerlogoAs fall approaches, we begin to notice the leaves of our trees changing color and shedding as they do each year. During this process, however, dead wood that needs to be removed – as well as any damaged or diseased limbs—can become more noticeable. Although you could wait until spring to have these damaged portions removed from your tree, the truth is that these limbs could cause just as much damage to your property during a winter storm as a summer storm. With this in mind, contact the professionals of Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio to assist with your tree needs.

Through years of experience with urban tree care and more, these tree specialists are happy to provide you with dead wood removal services and more to help reduce the chances of your tree causing storm damage to your Akron, Ohio property during a heavy snow this winter. If the tree on your Massillon, Ohio or Minerva, Ohio property has limbs extending over your home, consider investing in other professional tree trimming from Hollinger Tree Service as well. Some of these additional trimming services include tree height reduction, shaping, and thinning.

hollinger tree_assocHave you noticed that there are several loose or damaged branches in the trees alongside your Akron, Massillon, or Minerva area home? In order to keep your home protected against storm damage during the winter months, it’s important to have these potentially hazardous portions of your tree removed s soon as possible. In some cases, tree height reduction may be necessary.  Luckily, Hollinger Tree Service in Canton offers dead wood removal services to help minimize the appearance of these unwanted trees. In many cases, the tree itself is healthy but is blocking light from reaching interior branches. Because of this, interior branches can begin to weaken, break, and die while remaining on the tree. As part of urban tree care, invest in a professional tree trimming to encourage new growth and improve air circulation during the spring.

Don’t forget, tree height reduction is also a form of urban tree care that should be taken into consideration during the fall season – especially if you live close to your neighbors! If a tree on your Massillon, Ohio property has become weakened, diseased, or has damaged limbs from previous storms still on it, professional tree trimming services may be necessary. Through these services, trees like these that have become excessively tall can be made more manageable and safe.

With this in mind, contact Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio for a free estimate on reducing the height of your trees this fall. Not only can they reduce the height of your trees quickly and efficiently, but they can also provide you with dead wood removal, stump grinding, and many other tree services to prepare your trees for the seasons ahead! If you’re from the Minerva, Ohio or Akron, Ohio area and would like to learn more about Hollinger Tree Service, feel free to call 330.268.2989 to speak to one of their knowledgeable tree specialists today! With their help, you can get the additional information you need to determine which of their expert services would be right for your property this fall.

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