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When you take your vehicle in for auto detailing, you probably don’t expect to have the option of getting custom auto graphics, and you especially don’t think about window tinting service for your home. However, that’s exactly what you can look forward to from sister companies Solar X Tinting and Retail Detail 1. Though one is primarily focused on auto care while the other is a professional window film installer, together they make up a full-service tinting and detailing company that can offer you a number of different options for your home, business, or vehicle. Whether you’ve been looking for a way to make the car in your Wooster, Ohio driveway stand out, or you just want to cut down energy costs for your Ashland, Ohio building, these Medina, Ohio-based companies can help.

For those who want to improve the look of their automobiles, Retail Detail 1 is the business to contact. Not only can they provide you with interior and exterior auto detailing to make your vehicle look brand new, but they even offer additional options that you may have never thought of before. For instance, this Medina-based business can make your car, truck, or SUV completely unique with the use of custom auto graphics. Either create an original design or enlist the help of Retail Detail 1’s talented team and you’re on your way to having a ride decked out in flashy images. And since Retail Detail 1 is the sister company of Solar X Tinting, it should come as no surprise that window tinting service for vehicles is available as well. Whether you like the look of window tint or you just want to cut down on glare, this full-service tinting and detailing company will make sure your automobile gets the high-quality window film you want.

Residents throughout the Wooster and Ashland areas appreciate the fact that Retail Detail 1 and Solar X Tinting are sister companies because it guarantees a certain level of quality no matter what. As a professional window film installer, Solar X Tinting is more than qualified to provide customers with window tinting service for homes, businesses, and vehicles. No matter where they’re applied, the premium Johnson® window films from Solar X Tinting will cut down on glare, decrease heat, reduce fading, increase safety, enhance appearance, and more. And since this full-service tinting and detailing company uses only the highest quality materials, you can feel confident that any service you receive from Solar X Tinting or Retail Detail 1 will be the best you’ve ever seen!

If your automobile has suffered some wear and tear over the years, or you just like the idea of making your Wooster, Ohio or Ashland, Ohio building more energy efficient, contacting one of these sister companies in Medina, Ohio is your best option. To learn more about the full-service tinting and detailing company they form together, visit If you have any questions about auto detailing, custom auto graphics, or window tinting service, don’t hesitate to give this professional detailer or window film installer a call at 330.419.8512.

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