Create Outdoor Spaces You’ll Love with the Help of Classicó Landscapes’ Team in Louisville, Ohio!

The key to having the beautiful landscape design you’ve always wanted for your Massillon, Ohio property is finding a company whose employees truly love what they do. At Classicó Landscapes, their professional landscaping team loves installing the features you want to make your Stark County, Ohio property dreams a reality. When it comes down to the installation process, their foremen are second to none in their craft. These individuals come from various backgrounds, but share a common goal: to make your landscape vision a reality.  Who are these individuals? Ben Grimm, Mike Ramsey, and Tracy Bodiford are expert foreman from the Classicó Landscapes team in Louisville, Ohio. Each member does their part to help create outdoor spaces for their clients to enjoy as much as they enjoyed creating them.

Ben Grimm of Minerva has been a foreman at Classicó Landscapes in Louisville for 3 years. Using the knowledge he obtained earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Kent State as well as his love for the outdoors, Ben has perfected hard scape creations. The hard scape designs he completes create outdoor spaces such as patios, walls, and walkways that are as appealing as they are functional. Seeing the finished product and the homeowner’s reaction to the product is what he truly enjoys most about his position as foreman.

Foreman Michael Ramsey of Uniontown also helps create beautiful landscape designs for Classicó Landscapes, and has been doing so for the past 4 years. Michael specializes in soft scape and design, taking designer blue prints and turning them into a breathtaking reality for his Stark County clients. Seeing the homeowner’s expression when they see that he has been able to turn their blue prints into a reality is what makes him truly happy about his position as foreman.

Tracy Bodiford is also a part of this professional landscaping team, boasting the position of foreman as well. Originally from Houston, Texas, Tracy has been assisting the Classicó Landscapes team for 6.5 seasons. Tracy specializes in installing lighting and retaining walls that add that extra flare to your Massillon residence. He gathered his knowledge of landscaping from numerous seminars and working outside like the rest of his team.  Like his fellow foreman, Tracy loves seeing the end results of each landscaping job. It is at this end that the customer’s dream become a reality and his hard work is shown as a functional piece of art.

When you start planning your next Stark County, Ohio landscape design, consult the professional landscaping team of Classicó Landscapes. The quality and attention to detail that comes with each finished product is unsurpassed by other companies in the area. This is made possible by the dedication and hard work staff members like Ben Grimm, Michael Ramsey, and Tracy Bodiford put into these beautiful landscaping designs.  Their love of the outdoors and their desire to create outdoor spaces their customer’s have always dreamed of is what truly helps set Classicó Landscapes in Louisville, Ohio apart from other landscaping businesses. If you’re from the Massillon, Ohio area and are considering updating the landscape of your property, contact Classicó Landscapes today. For more information, visit or call 330.875.0797 today!

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