Create Your Own Personal Deer Hunting Plot this Season with the Help of Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio!

Although hunting season doesn’t begin until September, it’s important to start preparing. How? With the help of Merit Seed, you can create a food plot to attract deer right to your property! This Berlin, Ohio business has been specializing in quality seed blends for many years, making them the number one choice for all your wildlife seed blend needs. These seeds are used to grow the best in wildlife food plots that can act as an attractive deer food as well as draw in other wildlife to your Southeast Ohio property. If you do a lot of hunting on your own property, then creating a food plot is an excellent option! Not only are you nourishing the local wildlife, but you’re creating a secure deer hunting plot on your Holmes County, Ohio property. Whether you’re creating a food plot for hunting purposes or you just want to give back to Mother Nature, Merit Seed has it all!

Public hunting grounds in Southeast Ohio can easily become crowded and the animals may not be at their healthiest. However, if you create a deer hunting plot on your own property, you can ensure that the deer you tag is a healthy animal that will make a good meal for your family. If you’re considering creating a wildlife food plot on your property in Holmes County, make Merit Seed your first stop. Merit Seed offers a variety of wildlife seed blends for you to choose from:

  • 12 Point Buck
  • Classic Whitetail
  • Chicory Extreme
  • Deer Max
  • Hidden Spot
  • Medium Red & Chicory
  • Platinum Ultra

Each one of these perennial mixes is designed for a specific level of nutrition and is perfect for planting in August. The only blend that is not perennial is the Deer Max blend, which is annual. This blend consists of turnips, kale, and rape that are very high in soluble protein and carbohydrates. Deer Max has a high tolerance through cold temperatures and snow, making it an excellent winter forage for deer in your area! Not only this, but Deer Max is widely adapted to all well drained soils. This lush and highly attractive blend of greens acts as a form of attractive deer food, bringing more wildlife to your property. If you’re ready to create a new food plot on your property, visit Merit Seed in Berlin!

Before hunting season arrives, make sure you have a deer hunting plot prepared on your Southeast Ohio property. This will ensure that the deer that cross your property form a routine as well as get the nourishment they need during the rest of the fall and winter. If you’re not sure where to begin, visit Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect wildlife seed blend for your Holmes County, Ohio property. With their help, you can create an attractive deer food plot that will bring the deer to your area time and time again! For more information, visit or call 330.893.3196 today!

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