Dance Into the New School Year with Leotards and Skirts from The Dance-Wear House in Canton, Ohio!

With the inevitable (and perhaps dreaded) end of summer come new things to look forward to for the fall season.  For many creative young boys and girls, that means not only going “back to school shopping” but also taking on a new challenge, like a dance class near home in Wooster, Ohio or Strasburg, Ohio.  There are several high-quality studios in the area waiting to enroll your dancer in a variety of classes.  Get your needed dance accessories and be ready for your first dance class by visiting The Dance-Wear House in Canton, Ohio.

The fall season means back to school shopping  which all the stores start to remind us when mid-July rolls around.  For a parent who has a child that is involved in extra-curricular activities and dance, that means not one round of school shopping but often two—for school and for dance class. Often it happens as an afterthought—“Mom! My jazz shoes are too small! My baton is too short now!” and then we are grabbing the keys to run out for necessary items.  Many classes not only require specialty shoes but also a “uniform” of leotard and skirt combinations for the dance class.  At The Dance-Wear House just a short drive from Wooster, you can find everything you need to prepare for the new classes this fall at the “One-stop shop” for dance accessories.

Maybe you noticed before last year’s recital that your dancer was struggling with turns in shoes with too much grip.  A product to consider adding to your back to school shopping list is a pair or two of Dance Socks.  A good way to tell if you need these affordable, small pieces of fabric to slide over the tip of your shoe is by trying to turn 180 degrees on a hard surface while wearing your dance shoes.  If it is difficult to turn, use Dance Socks to glide easily through turns and improve your transitions.

For twirlers, there are baton bags in stock (which can also be ordered if needed), baton shoes in stock, and any twirling accessories you may need (like tape for grip!).  There is also a great selection of cover ups and shorts to wear over leotards on your way to dance in Canton or Strasburg.  You’ll find plenty of ways to express your own style while showing up prepared for dance class.

All customers (dancers, cheerleaders, twirlers, etc.) have the opportunity to join the loyalty club for a one-time fee and to earn savings over time.  A visit to The Dance-Wear House’s Facebook page will provide you with inspiration, dance tips, specials, and product news.  Also, on their website: there are printable coupons for the beginning and middle of August—so log on today!

The Dance-Wear House is your one-stop shop for back to school shopping this fall season.  If the dancer or performer in your life is trying out a new dance class or perfecting their technique by continuing one, you can replenish your dance accessories and find exactly what suits you.  Whether you are hip-hopping or jazz dancing in Wooster, Ohio, or twirling baton in Strasburg, Ohio you can rely on The Dance-Wear House for your needs from head to toe!

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