DeVitis Italian Deli & Market is an Exclusive Vendor for Jeni’s Ice Creams Near Canton, Ohio

DeVitis Italian Deli & Market brings a taste of Italy to Canton, Ohio and North Canton, OhioDeVitis, a local Italian market, offers a wide selection of authentic Italian food, including pizza, subs, meat trays, cheese trays, wines, and is now Akron, Ohio’s exclusive vendor for Jeni’s ice creamsDeVitis also houses a full winery within their restaurant. With their variety of flavors for $12.00 a bottle and in house wine specialist, you can’t go wrong with DeVitis Italian winery. Nothing in Stark County, Ohio compares to DeVitis Italian Deli & Market.

The Italian restaurant has strong connections to the community. Italian immigrant, Frank DeVitis came to America in the mid 1920’s and in the 1930’s he partnered with Mass Market Produce, a small operation with outlets in downtown Akron. In the early 1950s, he opened Frank’s Fruits & Vegetables in a converted gas station. DeVitis has remained a family business since the 1950’s perfecting their craft and expanding into pizzas, subs and wines. The local Italian market, DeVitis, is an Akron tradition. Using the same techniques and recipes for the past 40 years, the family continues to create authentic Italian food for the North Canton area. They take pride in all of their products, especially their homemade Italian sausage. Their homemade sausage is a longtime customer favorite. The DeVitis prepare and cook their sausages the same way their grandfather did and offer it in three different ways–regular, hot and Sicilian.

You can stop into the restaurant for just about anything. If you’re just looking for the perfect wine for your dinner, you can stop into DeVitis Italian winery. Their in house wine specialist can walk you through their extensive wine selection and help you find the wine that would work best with your dinner. With their high quality and affordable pricing you can’t go wrong with their winery. If you are looking for dessert, DeVitis is now an exclusive vendor for Jeni’s ice creams. From their signature ice creams to their frozen yogurts, Jeni’s aims to create ice creams that you will fall in love with and they succeed every time. Jeni’s builds every recipe from the ground up. Jeni’s creative team explores mixing pure flavor with Ohio’s local Snowville milk into any appetizing direction they can imagine. You can find Jeni’s addicting ice cream sandwiches at DeVitis alongside Jeni’s ice cream selection. Made from scratch, each ice cream sandwich takes an old favorite and puts an original spin on it. Their best seller, the Oatmeal Cream, places Ugandan Vanilla Bean ice cream between chewy and buttery oatmeal cookies with molasses and a hint of cinnamon. Each ice cream sandwich comes in a pack of four.

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