Drinking Water & Water Softener Salt Delivery by Jesmae Salt in Canal Fulton, Ohio Includes Stellar Service

Quality products, affordable prices, and an abundance of convenience. Combined, these customer friendly attributes highlight the benefits of a relationship with Jesmae Salt. The family-owned company with roots in Canal Fulton, Ohio keeps soft water flowing in homes near Akron, Ohio and in businesses from Alliance, Ohio to Wooster, Ohio. With drinking water delivery and water softener salt delivery services, Jesmae Salt makes getting clean water easy.

Jesmae Salt has been providing stellar service to its residential and commercial customers for over 10 years. And since the term stellar tends to be used rather loosely these days, let’s review the reasons why it applies to this company. In the interest of time, we’ll focus on the company characteristics that probably matter most to you: selection and service.

Beginning with drinking water, Jesmae Salt offers spring, distilled, and reverse osmosis water in five-gallon jugs. Its drinking water delivery team takes service to the next level. By that we mean, they will bring the heavy products into your home or office, place them where you want them, and put a fresh bottle on your cooler too. Such professional and courteous service by the team from Canal Fulton is especially convenient for people in Akron, Alliance, and Wooster who best avoid heavy lifting.

The selection of products available for water softener salt delivery is impressive in the least. Partial to customer preferences and always abreast of product developments, Jesmae Salt offers the following items for water softener salt delivery:

  • Pro’s Pick Dura Cube
  • Pro’s Pick Red Out Dura Cube
  • Red Out Pellets
  • Red Out Block
  • Diamond Crystal Pellets
  • Diamond Crystal Solar Salt
  • Diamond Crystal Potassium Chloride
  • Diamond Crystal Economy Rock
  • Diamond Crystal Brine Blocks

Available in poly bags of 25 to 80 pounds depending on the product, getting clean water is easy with this selection of water softener salt. Delivery can be provided by request or per a schedule that’s tailored to your needs. And, like the drinking water delivery service, this service also includes interior set up to include filling your tank if needed.

With winter upon us, now is a great time to begin your relationship with Jesmae Salt. Be it drinking water delivery, water softener salt delivery or both, think of how nice it would be to remain fully stocked without stepping out into the snow. Getting clean water into homes near Akron, Ohio can be a cumbersome process for homeowners. And the task can be just as trying for business owners in Alliance, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio. For the team at Jesmae Salt, however, it’s a valued service they strive to provide with excellence. To find out how easily and efficiently they can do it for you, go to www.jesmaesalt.com or call 330.882.5785 today.

Jesmae Salt
7021 Manchester Road
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

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