Elite Security Consultants’ Protective Service Company Stops Crime in Canton, Ohio

Are you always interested in learning about exciting news in the Stark County, Ohio area? Then do we have a story for you! If you know anything about Elite Security Consultants, then you know that the staff is dedicated to providing local security enforcement all around the region. The ESC team is serious about their work, and the recent events show just how much! Just a few short nights ago, two of ESC‘s trained security officers detained a wanted criminal in Canton, Ohio! Itching to learn more? Then read on to find out how members of this protective service company helped to stop crime in your area!

Even if you happen to follow the crime reports in Stark County, you may not remember an incident that was mentioned in the news back in January of 2010. Shinequa Dorsey, a Canton native, was charged with criminal damaging and felonious assault after an episode outside of a bar. Ms. Dorsey was dismissed from the establishment for reasons unknown. She allegedly went on to shatter a car window before using the glass to injure another person. Ms. Dorsey then became one of Stark County’s Most Wanted after being put on the list by the local sheriff’s office.

So how does Elite Security Consultants play into this story? Well, because the trained security officers of ESC took it upon themselves to detain the criminal! That’s right; the staff members of this protective service company aren’t just there for looks—their job is to provide local security enforcement and help to ensure the safety of citizens in the area. And their actions the other evening showed just how seriously they take their jobs!

While the evening of Thursday, August 2nd may have started out as fairly routine for the trained security officers of Elite Security, it ended up being much, much more. When two members of the ESC team positively identified wanted criminal Shinequa Dorsey, they took it upon themselves to bring her into custody. After being found in the 1700 block of Market Ave. in Canton, Ms. Dorsey was detained by guards of this area protective service company. The ESC employees then called the area police and held Ms. Dorsey until they could arrive. Nice work!

If you ever needed a reason to choose Elite Security Consultants for your security service needs, this is it! This protective service company in Canton, Ohio has an important purpose in the area, and it’s taken seriously by every member of its staff. The trained security officers of ESC go out of their way to provide local security enforcement to the Stark County, Ohio area, and their recent actions show just how much they care about the community! To find what Elite Security Consultants can do to help your neighborhood or business, visit www.escohio.com or call 855.372.6446. And make sure you go to ESC’s Facebook page to “like” the post about this awesome achievement!

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