Elite Security Consultants: Providing Community Support & Expert Security Services to Stark County, Ohio

It’s an increasingly electronic world.  We used to know the names of our bank tellers, but now, much of our banking is done online or at an ATM.  Even company employees don’t need to be physically present in order to communicate with one another or their customers. Between email, instant messaging, and social media, there’s a chance that you may never actually meet the people you do business with! Luckily, there are still exceptions, and locally-owned Elite Security Consultants is one of them. A professional security company in the Stark County, Ohio area, Elite Security Consultants is not a business to shy away from customers or other members of the community. Instead, Elite Security Consultants makes every effort to not only provide Canton, Ohio with highly trained security guards and expert security services, but to offer local community support throughout the North Canton, Ohio area as well.

ESC provided and assisted with the kids’ version of an Army obstacle course at the Largest Family Cookout with iShop and Ohio Pools & Spas!

Owned and operated in Canton, Elite Security Consultants is a valuable part of the community. A member of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, ESC is an active participant in various activities to help promote economic development in the Stark County area. By working with the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Elite Security Consultants helps to protect the overall welfare of residents in the region. Elite Security has a home in your area, and they want to ensure its growth as much as you do.

But Elite Security Consultants does even more than just offer their professional security services and participate in Canton Chamber of Commerce activities. Elite Security also makes time to partake in fun events sponsored by Stark County businesses. Earlier this year, ESC set up their own activity at the Largest Family Cookout with Ohio Pools & Spas and iShop. The security personnel assembled a kiddie version of a military obstacle course for children to go through. The activity was a great success, allowing Elite Security Consultants to interact with members of the community on a more personal level. And later this month, Elite Security will be at another summer event—iShop’s Family Fun Days. Using remote controlled vehicles, Elite Security staff members will act as the “bad guys” and let the youngsters give chase with their police cruisers and other vehicles as the “good guys.” This unique and interactive modernized game of “cops and robbers” is just another creative way that Elite Security Consultants can get to know the area residents.

While you may be disappointed with the impersonal service that you get from other businesses, you will never have that problem with Elite Security Consultants. Providing Canton, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio with security services of unrivaled quality, ESC is a business that you can count on for assistance. To find out more about how Elite Security Consultants gives local community support to Stark County, Ohio, visit their website at www.escohio.com or give them a call at 330.639.4173.

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